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So, the t_functional stack should now be able to use '7' to distinguish between releases in various tests (as it allready does for 5 and 6). This has allready been added to the test for vconfig. So 45 tests remain to be fixed.

So, Christoph blogged about t_functional and how it is used for CentOS QA. Here is the first status of the actual t_functional stack against el7b1 : the following tests need to be adapted to work on el7 (I'm talking about our QA test scripts, not our build results !) : p_amanda:FAIL p_anaconda:FAIL p_arpwatch:FAIL p_busybox:FAIL p_centos-release:FAIL […]

RHEL7b1 is composed of 2520 srpms; Of these, some are arch specific to arch's we are not building (yet). The x86_64 distro is made up of 8,520 binary rpms. Of these, 2,863 are noarch rpms and 1,919 are 32bit multilib. Leaving us with 3,738 x86_64 rpms that need to be built. Lets assume that building a clear […]

The first time a user logs into the default desktop for the rhel7 beta,  they're prompted to set a language, add online accounts, and dropped into a help menu right from the start. While this might be nice for brand new users, it's certainly not ideal for everyone. Turns out there's a very simple way […]

In previous iterations of NetworkManager, it was really only useful if you were dealing with wireless networks. Anything involving a bridge meant removing the device from NetworkManager, and manually configuring the network. A fair amount of work has been done to make NetworkManager more friendly to bridged devices, however it's still far from perfect.   […]

One thing that everyone is going to want to know about, or not, is the state of the CentOS-7 beta build. Yes, we are building it, slowly and making system changes as we need and adapting the buildsystems for the changes needed, but we are building it. I will try and do a short status […]

So, after all the to and fro from various people its out there, XFS as default ( including /boot ); Excited or depressed ? - KB

Preparing t_functional for CentOS-7

Wednesday , 18, December 2013 Comments Off on Preparing t_functional for CentOS-7

As - hopefully - lots of people know, we have a CI-instance running which is using the t_functional repository to test CentOS-5 and CentOS-6 images on a daily basis. These tests are then in turned used in the automated QA-process once a new point release is in that stage. These tests will have to be […]

With previous el5 and el6 installs, I would clear the disks, and accept the default lvm layout, though I would adjust the sizes a bit. Ordinarily when I adjusted the sizes, I would leave myself additional free space within the volume group so that I could grow later as needed. Upon installing the rhel7 beta, […]

As I always install my machines through network/pxe, I wanted to reinstall one of my test machine with rhel7b1 as a desktop machine but I did that through vnc from my main machine. I guess that's the reason why even if I selected "gnome desktop" during setup, It felt back to "init 3" mode, which […]