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So my first test of RHEL7b1 was "interesting" in a sense that anaconda died on me with a "dracut Warning: /dev/root does not exist" message. Instead of using the DVD.iso to setup a VM, I just added the rhel7b1 tree on my home nfs server and I quickly copied/pasted some lines in my pxe default.cfg […]

I have a laptop that has Win7, RHEL-6 and some other distros and used it to do a test install of EL7beta. anaconda identified the installed Linux OSes and created proper entries for grub2. However, it did not find Win7. The Release Notes for RHEL 7beta says, "In addition to the Linux file systems, GRUB […]

Welcome to - a collection of posts on CentOS-7 as it evolves and is released. We hope to use this microsite as a way to keep everyone informed on what is going on, how the builds are progressing, how people can help and join the effort. We are also going to invite the entire […]