booting to text mode even if gnome destkop setup was selected

Wednesday, 18, December 2013 Fabian Arrotin General No Comments

As I always install my machines through network/pxe, I wanted to reinstall one of my test machine with rhel7b1 as a desktop machine but I did that through vnc from my main machine. I guess that's the reason why even if I selected "gnome desktop" during setup, It felt back to "init 3" mode, which is a little bit disappointing for people having selected  a graphical setup. Of course, one can't just simply edit /etc/inittab to change the desired runlevel, as RHEL7b1 uses now systemd, so it's now a matter of using "ln -sf /lib/systemd/system/ /etc/systemd/system/". I guess it's also time to dive into systemd now ...

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