preventing gnome3’s initial setup

Monday, 23, December 2013 Jim Perrin Uncategorized 2 Comments

The first time a user logs into the default desktop for the rhel7 beta,  they're prompted to set a language, add online accounts, and dropped into a help menu right from the start. While this might be nice for brand new users, it's certainly not ideal for everyone.

Turns out there's a very simple way to prevent this annoyance from spreading further than it needs to.

mkdir ~/.config
echo "yes" >> ~/.config/gnome-initial-setup-done

Alternatively, if you want to do this for every new user on your system rather than dealing with it one at a time, simply drop the .config directory and file into /etc/skel before you create your new users.

2 thoughts on "preventing gnome3’s initial setup"

  1. Earl Ramirez says:

    I find it easier to just remove the package yum erase gnome-initial-setup

  2. vikas027 says:

    This does not works anymore. I ran the below command in my kickstart

    rpm -e initial-setup initial-setup-gui

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