Open To All

Friday, 14, July 2023 spotz announcement, Community, General 9 Comments

Growing a community and making it easier for folks to contribute is a critical element of success. We are excited by the interest in working with the CentOS project. Since Spring 2023, the CentOS Board and members of the community have been working on a set of guidelines to help define what success means for […]

End dates are coming for CentOS Stream 8 and CentOS Linux 7

Tuesday, 11, April 2023 jcpunk General, Installation, upgrades 5 Comments

End dates are coming for CentOS Stream 8 and CentOS Linux 7 We’ve got an important message for Developers, Administrators, and Users. Time flies when you’re building RPMs… ...and install images... and containers... and cloud images... and so much more! Time files when planning system migrations too - so start planning now! But, before we […]

SIG authentication retooling

Monday, 4, May 2020 Jim Perrin announcement, General No Comments

You may have seen the emails from Aoife about the work the Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team is doing around authentication tooling, and what that might mean for CentOS. Here’s a brief explainer for what’s happening. The authentication software we use for SIGs (FAS or Fedora Account System) and a few other bits around the […]

Why your project should participate in a CentOS SIG

Monday, 26, November 2018 Rich Bowen Community, General No Comments

When thinking about the CentOS Project, it’s natural to think of the Linux distro and how it makes operations and administration easy through sane package integration and management.  If you are an open source software project, though, how is the CentOS Linux platform useful to you beyond the operating system? This is where SIGs come […]

CentOS Pulse Newsletter, August 2018

Tuesday, 7, August 2018 Rich Bowen announcement, General No Comments

It's time for another community newsletter. As always, we have lots of information about upcoming events, recent releases, and what our SIGs (Special Interest Groups) are working on. You can read the newsletter at Past editions of the newsletter, as well as information about how you can contribute, is available at In the […]

Improving CentOS package delivery security with signed repository metadata

Monday, 9, July 2018 Neal Gompa altarch, announcement, builds, distro, General No Comments

With the release of CentOS 7.5.1804, the CentOS Project has taken the next big step in improving software delivery security by signing all repository metadata for CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 for all architectures, including the repositories for CentOS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) produced by the CentOS Community Build System (CBS). Wait, what do you […]

Student Supercomputing is #PoweredByCentOS

Tuesday, 3, July 2018 Rich Bowen General, Uncategorized No Comments

Last week at the ISC-HPC event in Frankfurt, I had the opportunity to speak briefly with the amazing student teams in the SCC - Student Cluster Competition. These students use commodity hardware to build supercomputers, with a limit of 3KW power consumption, and compete on a variety of benchmarks. These teams are overwhelmingly powered by […]

CentOS Pulse Newsletter, July 2018

Tuesday, 3, July 2018 Rich Bowen announcement, General, security, upgrades No Comments

We're pleased to publish another edition of the CentOS Newsletter. Once again, we cover latest releases, security updates, events, and reports from our SIGs (Special Interest Groups). You can read the newsletter at More information about the newsletter, and how you can contribute to future editions, is available at We always welcome comments […]

YUM4/DNF for CentOS 7 updates

Tuesday, 17, April 2018 mblaha announcement, General 9 Comments

I am pleased to announce some significant updates to our ConfigManagement Special Interest Group for YUM4.  This provides YUM4, based on DNF technology, for testing on CentOS Linux 7/x86_64.  These updates are based on feedback from our prior test release last October. It includes signed packages, core DNF plugins, and uses a version of RPM […]

YUM 4 is available for testing

Monday, 30, October 2017 Igor Gnatenko announcement, General, Installation 2 Comments

I am pleased to announce that YUM 4, based on DNF technology, is available for testing on CentOS Linux 7/x86_64. Our limited testing indicates no major problems, but I would love to find out how it fits into your existing YUM 3 workflows. So please consider filling out the short survey - your feedback helps […]