t_functional status against el7b1

Thursday, 26, December 2013 Fabian Arrotin t_functional 2 Comments

So, Christoph blogged about t_functional and how it is used for CentOS QA. Here is the first status of the actual t_functional stack against el7b1 : the following tests need to be adapted to work on el7 (I'm talking about our QA test scripts, not our build results !) :

So if you want to help, be sure to contribute to the t_functional QA stack by fixing/writing those tests to be el7 compatible . Happy holidays and QA'ing !

2 thoughts on "t_functional status against el7b1"

  1. Rene Diepstraten says:

    I think that p_lsb and p_lynx are both fine.
    They test on the name CentOS and that name is not present on a rhel7b1 system.

  2. Christoph Galuschka says:

    That will probably be the same for all tests which check TM issues (i.e. ntp).

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