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Thursday, 19, December 2013 kbsingh builds 1 Comment

One thing that everyone is going to want to know about, or not, is the state of the CentOS-7 beta build. Yes, we are building it, slowly and making system changes as we need and adapting the buildsystems for the changes needed, but we are building it. I will try and do a short status update of this nature everytime we hit a benchmark, but at-least once a week from now till we are 'done'.

At the moment the c7builder consist of 1 machine, 128GB ram, 4x1TiB sata's and 4x64gb ssd, 48 cores. Its a nice machine, but its completely self contained. In the coming days I will expand this to include another similar machine.

So, are we there yet ? Not quite. 72 Failed builds, 388 Done, Lots to go.

remember this is run#1, things get better with every iteration of the build, and then we start looking at that failure reasons and working up from there.

Best news of the moment ? I am pleased to report that from run#2 onward, the build results, logs, configs and metadata of build will be published publicly allowing everyone to help, get involved and contribute! Stay tuned for more news on that in the coming weeks.

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  1. Much kudos to the build team on the process improvements since 6!

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