End dates are coming for CentOS Stream 8 and CentOS Linux 7

Tuesday, 11, April 2023 jcpunk General, Installation, upgrades 5 Comments

End dates are coming for CentOS Stream 8 and CentOS Linux 7 We’ve got an important message for Developers, Administrators, and Users. Time flies when you’re building RPMs… ...and install images... and containers... and cloud images... and so much more! Time files when planning system migrations too - so start planning now! But, before we […]

YUM 4 is available for testing

Monday, 30, October 2017 Igor Gnatenko announcement, General, Installation 2 Comments

I am pleased to announce that YUM 4, based on DNF technology, is available for testing on CentOS Linux 7/x86_64. Our limited testing indicates no major problems, but I would love to find out how it fits into your existing YUM 3 workflows. So please consider filling out the short survey - your feedback helps […]

Cloud In A Box: CentOS OpenStack Remix

Wednesday, 29, July 2015 asad General, GSoC, Installation 2 Comments

OpenStack is the current de facto standard for cloud computing platforms and is supported by all major Linux distributions. Coupled with its role as the base technology in the domains of NFV & SDN, it has become one of the hottest softwares for networking community. It is a combination of numerous components and services, which […]

CentOS Linux 7 and Arm

Tuesday, 3, March 2015 Jim Perrin arm, builds, Installation 10 Comments

ARMv7 With the growing list of easily accessible ARM hardware like the RaspBerry Pi 2 and the ODROID-C1, several community efforts have sprouted, working out the details for getting CentOS-7 built and available for the new boards. One of our UK based community members has made the most progress so far, posting his build process […]

CentOS 7 (pre-release) tree available for testing

Saturday, 14, June 2014 Fabian Arrotin builds, Installation 37 Comments

Following our previous post, we are pleased to announced that the first (pre-release) CentOS 7rc tree is pushed. As a reminder, you can find it at the following location : If you want to use it, you need to use the boot.iso media (found under the images directory) , start a netinstall and point […]

CentOS 7 “Live” media spins

Wednesday, 28, May 2014 Fabian Arrotin builds, desktop, Installation 21 Comments

As we're all busy building/testing/rebuilding/QA'ing/etc ... the el7 rc tree, I thought it would be a good idea to also start looking at building the Live media spins (aka CentOS LiveCD/LiveDVD we had for version 5 and 6). The first thing was to rebuild the needed tools but that was easy to do (you can […]

Disk partitioning changes with anaconda

Wednesday, 18, December 2013 Jim Perrin Installation 8 Comments

With previous el5 and el6 installs, I would clear the disks, and accept the default lvm layout, though I would adjust the sizes a bit. Ordinarily when I adjusted the sizes, I would leave myself additional free space within the volume group so that I could grow later as needed. Upon installing the rhel7 beta, […]

RHEL7b1 PXE network install and the kssendmac option

Tuesday, 17, December 2013 Fabian Arrotin Installation 4 Comments

So my first test of RHEL7b1 was "interesting" in a sense that anaconda died on me with a "dracut Warning: /dev/root does not exist" message. Instead of using the DVD.iso to setup a VM, I just added the rhel7b1 tree on my home nfs server and I quickly copied/pasted some lines in my pxe default.cfg […]

Test install on a laptop that has other OSes

Monday, 16, December 2013 Akemi Yagi Installation 2 Comments

I have a laptop that has Win7, RHEL-6 and some other distros and used it to do a test install of EL7beta. anaconda identified the installed Linux OSes and created proper entries for grub2. However, it did not find Win7. The Release Notes for RHEL 7beta says, "In addition to the Linux file systems, GRUB […]