XFS as default in EL7

Wednesday , 18, December 2013 5 Comments

So, after all the to and fro from various people its out there, XFS as default ( including /boot );

Excited or depressed ?

- KB

5 thoughts on “ : XFS as default in EL7”
  • Surprised, perhaps ... I guess they've solved the performance problems with barriers?

    Also, I suspect, btrfs isn't panning out as hoped. I use ext4 to boot the system up enough to get ZFS up, so which filesystems I need for the base install really only matters to me if they're fast enough for that and easy to recover if something unexpected happens. I never had any complaints about ext4 in these regards.

    My unhappy experiences with XFS are dated.

  • Greg Lindahl says:

    XFS doesn't have a built-in LVM, right? The btrfs lvm was extremely easy to understand and use, unlike the standard Linux LVM.

  • Johnny Hughes says:

    This also explains the no i686 install ... XFS on 32bit is not very reliable.

  • Evert Mouw says:

    XFS has seen many fixes and improvements over the last few years:


    I love it.

  • Ben says:

    A curious decision to be sure, considering how RedHat (rightly) favors stability over performance for its enterprise releases. Isn't ext4 a safe default choice, and a good compromise between reliability and speed? Especially considering that those that have a particular need for XFS would have no problems installing it?

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