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The centosplus kernel for 7 is now available for testing. The kernel version is 3.10.0-123.el7 (GA kernel). You can download it from this site. If you wonder what this kernel is for, please visit this earlier post. Extra features enabled in the config file include some network adapters, BusLogic, IPX, Appletalk, and ReiserFS. TOMOYO and […]

Hi, Docker images are now available at - these will be updated nightly as the main tree is built and updated accordingly. Please use the CentOS-Devel mailing list for conversations and feedback around these images. And send all bug and issue reports to One important thing to note is that please send feedback, […]

Update : there will be "nightly builds" happening every day, starting from today (the first one being scheduled to start at 8PM UTC). The whole process will be automated and would also start to reflect those new trees. That means that the url to enter for new network install, and yum repositories will need to […]

Following our previous post, we are pleased to announced that the first (pre-release) CentOS 7rc tree is pushed. As a reminder, you can find it at the following location : If you want to use it, you need to use the boot.iso media (found under the images directory) , start a netinstall and point […]

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the first CentOS 7 QA Release. !!! This is a QA release only and not the final CentOS 7 release !!! In the past, CentOS QA testing has been performed by a small group of people within the CentOS community. We are happy that we are […]

As part of the preparation for CentOS 7, and with a growing focus around making the source easier to work with for developers and Special Interest Groups, the CentOS Project is publishing the git source tree used for building the distribution. This represents a bit of a change from previous releases and we understand that […]

RHEL 7 is officially out and available for RHEL subscribers. You can get more information about the release from or via the press release at  Congrats to the RH team for all their hard work in making this happen.   As for CentOS 7, it's currently working its way through our build process. As we have […]

Hi, We have been sending all build logs via email  for people who wanted to keep up with the build history in our CentOS-7 efforts ( ref: ), we have now put the same info online at  . You can now go there and get info about what mock configs were used, what […]

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