Docker image for CentOS-7QA now available

Thursday, 26, June 2014 kbsingh builds 20 Comments


Docker images are now available at - these will be updated nightly as the main tree is built and updated accordingly. Please use the CentOS-Devel mailing list for conversations and feedback around these images. And send all bug and issue reports to

One important thing to note is that please send feedback, even if everything just works for you - its important that we are able to build a positive experience around these images, and the only way we can do this is via feedback.

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20 thoughts on "Docker image for CentOS-7QA now available"

  1. Andrew says:

    What is Docker??... :/ something like pre-FINAL?

    1. Tolbkni Kao says:

      Docker is an open platform for distributed applications.

  2. Rafael says:

    Is only with me or anyone else is getting this error when try to import the image.

    I don't find nothing on google about this error message:

    sudo docker load -i CentOS-7-20140625-x86_64-docker_01.img.tar.xz
    2014/06/26 11:51:09 Error: open /tmp/docker-import-979171954/repo/dev/json: no such file or directory

    1. Jors says:

      I'm having the same problem over here.

    2. leifh says:

      $sudo docker import centos7

      $sudo docker run -t -i centos7 /bin/bash

      did the trick for me

    3. travis says:

      I had that same error also. I ended up downloading image and using "docker - import" to the image locally.

  3. Brian Bulkowski says:

    Where are we supposed to post feedback? A link would be appreciated, unless you want it as a reply here (probably not?)

    1. Jack says:

      "Please use the CentOS-Devel mailing list for conversations and feedback around these images. And send all bug and issue reports to"

  4. igor says:

    post feedback here

  5. carl says:

    hope centos-minimal 7 come out !!!

    1. John says:

      Agree with you! Minimal Image would be appreciated.

  6. LordFPL says:

    Only import command is working (was done with an export command) :

    docker import - < CentOS-7-20140625-x86_64-docker_01.img.tar.xz

  7. Daniel Lin says:

    I'm just a newbie about CentOS. Could you tell me how to setup to let the 'yum' workable on this image?

  8. szlevi says:

    Well, first thing first: where the hell is docker? It sure isn't installed by default and yum gives me nil when I try to install it...

    1. szlevi says:

      ...isn't it supposed to be included in CentOS 7 _by default_???

  9. szlevi says:

    Aww, I see now, it's not - you still need EPEL, more precisely their beta v7 repo:
    So for newbies, here's a quick & dirty Docker install guide:

    1. Ray Albert says:

      is there someplace else you can post the docker install guide? your website is being blocked by my company.

      also what base environment from centos 07 should be installed.

  10. evanikos says:

    seven is probably marvellous but i've a 32, is your 64 bits compatible ?

  11. Daniel Lin says:

    Is there any plan to release docker image officially?
    For the image 0625, it can not work with 'yum update'.

  12. Gagandeep says:

    What is the root password for docker image

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