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Tuesday, 10, June 2014 kbsingh builds 3 Comments


We have been sending all build logs via email  for people who wanted to keep up with the build history in our CentOS-7 efforts ( ref: ), we have now put the same info online at  . You can now go there and get info about what mock configs were used, what the build roots contained and the results etc.

The root directory indicates the build target, at the moment its C7.00.03, and we will likely iterate over a few times before we get to a point where its useful to build a tree and consider an RC iso set. But from here, we will have all builds for the CentOS-7 scope published there, with the eventual goal of having everything available. Including CentOS-5 and 6.

And the best place to talk about this is the CentOS-Devel mailing list ( ref: )

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3 thoughts on "say hello to"

  1. wangyinjuan says:

    hello,when we write php programm,
    we find that /tmp file cannot access,but perl or other programm can acess.
    and php can access all of other file exclude /tmp

  2. wyj says:

    when i install centos7 in vmare, occur the following error:
    the followig error occurred while installing.this is a fatal error and installation wil be aborted
    script error with package xml-common

  3. David Kinsell says:

    I also get "script error with package xml-common", installing on an HP xw4300. Got the identical error trying to install RHEL7, released workstation bits. No virtualization, just a normal install. Have installed the same bits on other workstations no problem.

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