Rolling ISO Media release 1505 for CentOS 7 (x86_64) Now Available

Thursday, 11, June 2015 Johnny Hughes announcement, builds, distro, General No Comments

The rolling ISO media releases for CentOS 7 for May 2015 (1505) are now available. These rolling ISO media releases are basically just respins of the install media at release time with all bugfix, enhancement, and security updates since release rolled in.  The updated ISOs for 1505 are based on all updates in the CentOS […]

CentOS-7 / CR repo has been populated

Friday, 20, March 2015 kbsingh builds, General 17 Comments

Waiting for the new package set in the next CentOS-7 release ? A majority of them are now available on every CentOS-7 machine by running the following commands : yum update yum --enablerepo=cr list updates Its important you run a 'yum update' first, since the cr repo definitions are only available in the newer centos-release […]

CentOS-7 next release

Wednesday, 11, March 2015 kbsingh builds, General 7 Comments

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 was released a few days back, You can go read the release notes now. Its a great way to find out the big changes and enhancements in this release. On the CentOS side of things, we have been working through last week on getting the sources organised and the builds […]

Building CentOS Linux 7 for ARMv8

Tuesday, 10, March 2015 Jim Perrin arm, builds 4 Comments

As I'd mentioned previously, the fine folks of Applied Micro were kind enough to give us an X-C1 development box to see if it was feasible to build and run CentOS Linux 7. My first attempt through, I realized I hadn't been taking decent notes, so I scrapped most of the package work and started […]

CentOS Linux 7 and Arm

Tuesday, 3, March 2015 Jim Perrin arm, builds, Installation 10 Comments

ARMv7 With the growing list of easily accessible ARM hardware like the RaspBerry Pi 2 and the ODROID-C1, several community efforts have sprouted, working out the details for getting CentOS-7 built and available for the new boards. One of our UK based community members has made the most progress so far, posting his build process […]

CentOS-7 Release Candidate now available

Friday, 4, July 2014 Christoph Galuschka builds 28 Comments

As posted earlier today by Karanbir, the CentOS-7 Release Candidate Packages are available. You can grab them here. Live-Images - dating from today - are also updated and available. Please do test and continue to post your findings at   The complete announcement can be found here.

Docker image for CentOS-7QA now available

Thursday, 26, June 2014 kbsingh builds 20 Comments

Hi, Docker images are now available at - these will be updated nightly as the main tree is built and updated accordingly. Please use the CentOS-Devel mailing list for conversations and feedback around these images. And send all bug and issue reports to One important thing to note is that please send feedback, […]

CentOS 7 (pre-release) tree available for testing

Saturday, 14, June 2014 Fabian Arrotin builds, Installation 37 Comments

Following our previous post, we are pleased to announced that the first (pre-release) CentOS 7rc tree is pushed. As a reminder, you can find it at the following location : If you want to use it, you need to use the boot.iso media (found under the images directory) , start a netinstall and point […]

Getting the sources for CentOS 7

Tuesday, 10, June 2014 Jim Perrin builds, General 3 Comments

As part of the preparation for CentOS 7, and with a growing focus around making the source easier to work with for developers and Special Interest Groups, the CentOS Project is publishing the git source tree used for building the distribution. This represents a bit of a change from previous releases and we understand that […]

say hello to

Tuesday, 10, June 2014 kbsingh builds 3 Comments

Hi, We have been sending all build logs via email  for people who wanted to keep up with the build history in our CentOS-7 efforts ( ref: ), we have now put the same info online at  . You can now go there and get info about what mock configs were used, what […]