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A fallout of how we are setup, where we are setup and what constraints we worked under : only a very small number of people have been able to request builds, look at output, make changes to the build environment and the process around it. One of the big goals for the CentOS Linux 7beta […]

One of the big challenges we had while building CentOS-6 was to do with scaling the builds. While resources existed, I was unable to get more than 3 ( and in some cases, like perl  modules that build with -j1, upto 5 ) concurrent builds. I've been quite keen to solve that problem and a […]

RHEL7b1 is composed of 2520 srpms; Of these, some are arch specific to arch's we are not building (yet). The x86_64 distro is made up of 8,520 binary rpms. Of these, 2,863 are noarch rpms and 1,919 are 32bit multilib. Leaving us with 3,738 x86_64 rpms that need to be built. Lets assume that building a clear […]

One thing that everyone is going to want to know about, or not, is the state of the CentOS-7 beta build. Yes, we are building it, slowly and making system changes as we need and adapting the buildsystems for the changes needed, but we are building it. I will try and do a short status […]

So, after all the to and fro from various people its out there, XFS as default ( including /boot ); Excited or depressed ? - KB

Welcome to - a collection of posts on CentOS-7 as it evolves and is released. We hope to use this microsite as a way to keep everyone informed on what is going on, how the builds are progressing, how people can help and join the effort. We are also going to invite the entire […]