A bigger pool and more fish

Thursday, 2, January 2014 kbsingh builds 2 Comments

A fallout of how we are setup, where we are setup and what constraints we worked under : only a very small number of people have been able to request builds, look at output, make changes to the build environment and the process around it.

One of the big goals for the CentOS Linux 7beta effort is to try and fix that. And over the last few days, I've pushed code and make process changes that now allow anyone on the CentOS-QA team to request builds, make changes to the mock templates, manage per-package build environments, modify hints and process templates.

Given that the content isnt de-branded and we've not got the local mod's in place as yet ( or even the overall distro blacklist ), cant make the build-result public as yet, but thats on the agenda.

Also on the agenda is a public git repo that contains all the metadata and mock configs used in the build process, with a merge-request-process that allows anyone to come and help. It wont be done tomorrow, but it should be done and in place, working by the end of Jan; And unless Red Hat pull something dramatic, well in time before the EL7 release.

- KB

2 thoughts on "A bigger pool and more fish"

  1. Drew Daniels says:

    Build logs are probably more useful than results at this point. Are they available?

    I found it promising that rhel 6.5 lists that it fixes several build failures so I expect even Red Hat will find information from the CentOS 7 beta to be useful.

    I look forward to seeing CentOS upgrades on the various appliances I work with. I suspect many of the embedded ones will be stuck on 32 bit due to limited atom systems.

    1. kbsingh says:

      I am sure they can be made available, specially if its just for the ones that fail. Let me look into that.

      w.r.t the i686 build, I suspect we will need to do a complete tree for those anyway, there is far too much missing from the published 32bit tree to be able to build even the required multilib components.

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