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We will be holding another online CentOS Dojo on October 7th and 8th. The call for presentations is now open. More details about the event are in the wiki, which will be updated with additional information as we have it.

Convened 22:05 In attendance: Board Pat Riehecky Thomas Oulevey (Secretary) Mike McLean Josh Boyer Davide Cavalca Jim Perrin Tru Huynh Rich Bowen (Chair) Guests Matthias Runge Jeffrey Osier-Mixon Ian McLeod Brian Stinson Alfredo Moralejo Alonso Directors Absent: Johnny Hughes Karanbir Singh Brian Exelbierd (Sent regrets and notes on agenda items) Minutes Previous Minutes June minutes […]

Quorum and started at :09 Attendees Board Johnny Pat Mike Rich  Jim bex Thomas (secretary) Tru KB Guests Davide Cavalca Matthias Runge Aoife Brian Rich Amy Marrich Started 22:09 Quick review of pending issues with Red Hat around the announcement Status of additional RHEL programs for Academic ? (bex) Bex: no formal announcement, redesign existing […]

Dear CentOS Enthusiasts, Here's what's happening in our community over the past month. CentOS Stream 9 is open for contribution: Container images and a note about new composes We've been working on producing more artifacts for CentOS Stream 9, those can be found at the composes location: You'll notice a few directories under there, […]

Purpose Packaging and maintaining kernel modules for CentOS Stream. Membership Update The SIG elected Peter Georg and Jonathan Billings as co-chairs. No SIG members have been added since the SIG has been approved (June 9th). New Packages No packages have been released yet. Health and Activity The Kmods SIG has been approved recently. So far […]

This is a followup to our earlier post regarding CentOS' move to the Libera IRC network. Thanks primarily to the efforts of John "Bahhumbug" and our other IRC ops, the move has been completed, and all channels have been moved from Freenode to, complete with the topics, bots, access lists, and supporting documentation. Note […]

The CentOS Board of Directors is delighted to welcome two new directors - Davide Cavalca and Josh Boyer - to the Board. Please join us in welcoming them, and thanking them for their willingness to dedicate some of their time to the endeavor of steering the CentOS Project. Once again, we thank outgoing directors Karsten […]

(Yes, we're a little late this month. Sorry about that.) Dear CentOS Enthusiasts, Here's what's happening around the CentOS community lately. CentOS Linux 8.4 Released We are pleased to announce the general availability of the latest version of CentOS Linux 8. Effective immediately, this is the current release for CentOS Linux 8 and is tagged […]

Thank you to everyone who responded to my call for feedback on the SIG process. A few people responded on-list. More people responded off-list. I’ve summarized common complaints, and in a few cases provided comments verbatim - especially when they already went to a public list. Please see the centos-devel mailing list for further discussion […]

TL;DR: #centos and #centos-* are moving to Over the past few days, there has been some upheaval on the Frenode IRC network, resulting in a number of the staff members quitting and starting a new IRC network. I don't wish to explain all the details here, but you can read more at which […]