Author: Akemi Yagi


CentOSPlus kernel that mitigates CVE-2014-4699 now available

Saturday, 19, July 2014 Akemi Yagi kernel, security 1 Comment

CVE-2014-4699: The Linux kernel before 3.15.4 on Intel processors does not properly restrict use of a non-canonical value for the saved RIP address in the case of a system call that does not use IRET, which allows local users to leverage a race condition and gain privileges, or cause a denial of service (double fault), […]

CentOSPlus kernel available for testing

Thursday, 26, June 2014 Akemi Yagi kernel 20 Comments

The centosplus kernel for 7 is now available for testing. The kernel version is 3.10.0-123.el7 (GA kernel). You can download it from this site. If you wonder what this kernel is for, please visit this earlier post. Extra features enabled in the config file include some network adapters, BusLogic, IPX, Appletalk, and ReiserFS. TOMOYO and […]

CentOSPlus kernel for .el7

Monday, 6, January 2014 Akemi Yagi General 4 Comments

There are two main roles offered by the centosplus kernel; one is to provide features that are disabled in the distro kernel and the other is to fix known issues by applying patches. The plus kernel for .el7 is now under development and can be followed in this bug tracker. So far rebuilding the kernel […]

Test install on a laptop that has other OSes

Monday, 16, December 2013 Akemi Yagi Installation 2 Comments

I have a laptop that has Win7, RHEL-6 and some other distros and used it to do a test install of EL7beta. anaconda identified the installed Linux OSes and created proper entries for grub2. However, it did not find Win7. The Release Notes for RHEL 7beta says, "In addition to the Linux file systems, GRUB […]