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Red Hat released their second point release to the EL7 series today. Most if not all of the sources seem to already be in place on, so we can start the rebuild and QA cycle. Red Hat release notes can be found here. It is not yet decided, if we do a CR-release with […]

Today the CentOS-Project announced the immediate availability of CentOS-7 (1503), the second release of CentOS-7.   Find out more about the release announcement here: Also don't forget to read the release notes at the wiki:

As posted earlier today by Karanbir, the CentOS-7 Release Candidate Packages are available. You can grab them here. Live-Images - dating from today - are also updated and available. Please do test and continue to post your findings at   The complete announcement can be found here.

So, the t_functional stack should now be able to use '7' to distinguish between releases in various tests (as it allready does for 5 and 6). This has allready been added to the test for vconfig. So 45 tests remain to be fixed.

Preparing t_functional for CentOS-7

Wednesday , 18, December 2013 Comments Off on Preparing t_functional for CentOS-7

As - hopefully - lots of people know, we have a CI-instance running which is using the t_functional repository to test CentOS-5 and CentOS-6 images on a daily basis. These tests are then in turned used in the automated QA-process once a new point release is in that stage. These tests will have to be […]

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