Thanks to Equinix for sponsoring the CentOS Project

Thursday, 11, April 2024 Fabian Arrotin Uncategorized No Comments

The CentOS Project , as long as I can remember, wouldn't have been possible without help of various sponsors over the years.

Most sponsors listed on sponsored one or more machines hosted in various datacenters over the globe, but some had a huge impact over the content delivery. Some years ago, (now reached out to see how they'd be able to help us at the infra/network/bandwidth level and we agreed to use 4 machines in our (and from now on pool) machines pool, itself seeding/feeding the whole external mirrors network

I recently had a look at the collected stats/metrics from our zabbix monitoring solution and here is an interesting graph about these 4 machines (two in the USA - one on the east-coast and other on west-coast, one in Europe/Germany and last one in Asia/Japan) :

From that graph (from the last 30 days) it's easy to guess when there is a new CentOS Stream compose going out (still happening for Stream 8 and Stream 9 when we'll publish this blog post), and also still CentOS 7 updates.

That's without counting the various Special Interest Groups (SIGs) repositories which are maintained by community (and for the community).

Thanks a lot Equinix for sponsoring these machines that really help getting new packages for the distributions but also SIGs content being delivered in a timely fashion to all our users

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