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Hi Everyone, Below is this week's CPE weekly for week ending 2020-10-25 for both Fedora & CentOS, and if you want to visit the hackmd link you can then use the header bar on your left to skip to Fedora or CentOS updates that interest you. General Project Updates We have a CPE Q3 […]

Hi there, I'm Aoife Moloney. You may remember me from such communications as the CPE office hours, Data Centre - what it means for you, and The Future of Communishift. Over the last three months, the Community Platform Engineering team (or CPE for short as it's long to keep typing) have been working on a […]

Hi Everyone, Below is this week's CPE weekly for week ending 2020-10-17. Im gone a little bi-weekly lately with this report. This has been more circumstantial with our quarter 3 projects ending and launching quarter 4 work, and will get back to a weekly report now that Q4 is underway. So, the updates for both […]

Dear CentOS enthusiasts, The past month has been quieter than recent months, in terms of news, and I was very occupied with some other things last week, so I hope you can forgive the delay in getting this month's newsletter out. If you want to receive notifications of new newsletters in future months, please subscribe […]

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