CPE Q3 Achievements 2020

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Hi there,

I'm Aoife Moloney. You may remember me from such communications as the CPE office hours, Data Centre - what it means for you, and The Future of Communishift.

Over the last three months, the Community Platform Engineering team (or CPE for short as it's long to keep typing) have been working on a few projects, and generally surviving 2020 like everyone else. But we made it, and so did our projects! Mostly… 🙂


Over the last three months we worked on:


We also had our long standing (and long suffering) ‘sustaining team’ on the front lines who are daily maintaining and running both the Fedora and CentOS infrastructures and responding to issues, bugs, etc. And doing a damn fine job too.


And we attended and participated in a few conferences too, namely Nest with Fedora & DevConf US.


So, what did we as a team overall achieve in these last few months?


CPE Infra & Releng Team 

This team was led by Pingou, and its members in Q3 were Mark O’Brien, Michal Konecky, Fabian Arrotin, David Kirwan, Kevin Fenzi, Vipul Siddharth, Stephen John Smoogen & Tomas Hckra.

This team is a sub team of CPE and focuses on lights on work in both the Fedora and CentOS infrastructures. We will always have some of our team members working in this way each quarter as it is good to have a break from scheduled project workloads and take a foray into the (sometimes) chaotic world of infrastructure maintenance, aka FIRE!!! 🙂

What they did: 

Why its good:


Fedora Data Centre Move

This dynamic duo was Kevin Fenzi and Stephen Smoogen, with supporting cast members from both CPE and the community along the way. The goal of this project was to successfully move a (large) number of the Fedora infrastructure hardware from one datacentre to the other without too much chaos. And considering the world wide pandemic that happened right at the beginning, they did a pretty fine job succeeding. Some additional services are still being added to the infrastructure in its new home in IAD, so if you notice a few still missing, we are getting to them slowly but surely and thank you again for your patience and understanding during these last few months!

What they did: 

Why its good:



This team was led by Aurelien Bompard, and its members in Q3 were Ryan Lerch, Nils Philippsen & James Richardson. The goal of this project is to replace the current FAS system with a newer one and migrate the CentOS accounts to the one FAS instance (Noggin), which will mean our team has one authentication system to maintain for two infrastructures long term. This team has been working to a November 2020 deadline, but unfortunately during Q3 the team faced a number of challenges such as a delayed staging environment to test in due to the data centre move, then when we got it, realized their plugin they spent time developing was not going to work long term and now have to redo a bit of work in Q4. There were also a lot of holidays and personal events for the team in Q3 because everyone is human and entitled to a life 🙂 They have re-scoped their work for Q4 to make sure what's delivered is sustainable and reliable long term, more people have joined the team including some sys-admin for support along the way, and are now looking at delivering Noggin in full by the end of January 2021. 

What they did: 

Why its good:

CentOS Stream:

This team was led by Brian Stinson, and its members in Q3 were Johnny Hughes, Carl George, Mohan Boddu, Leonardo Rosetti, James Antill & Siteshwar Vashisht

What they did: 

Why its good:

Packager Workflow Healthcare:

This team was led by Will Woods and its team members were Adam Saleh and Stephen Coady with Pingou in a part-time consulting/reviewing role. The team took a look into the Fedora packager workflow and tried to identify weaker points in the chain, and spot times that are more prone to downtimes.  They are finalizing a report of their findings to send to the community lists with hopefully a ‘next steps’ section that they feel will help reduce the issues packagers face sometimes in Fedora. Its a work in progress, but to have some data to read and understand is a great launching point.

What they did:

Why its good:


Fedora-Messaging Schemas:

This project was also being worked on by the Noggin team part-time, so Aurelien Bompard, Nils Philippsen & Ryan Lerch. We needed to pause this work around the start of September and we hope to be able to return to it over the next quarter - October, November & December.

The guys have a github board here with a cookie-cutter schema available and a list of apps they were working on, so if you want to help out on this one, please feel free to visit the board and grab a card! 🙂 

What they did: 

Why its good:


And that, my dear friends, is Quarter 3 for CPE.

Take care all, and see you around IRC! 🙂



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