CPE Weekly: 2020-08-14

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The Community Platform Engineering group, or CPE for short, is the Red
Hat team combining IT and release engineering from Fedora and CentOS.
Our goal is to keep core servers and services running and maintained,
build releases, and other strategic tasks that need more dedicated
time than volunteers can give.

See our wiki page here for more
information: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/cpe/

General Project Updates

The CPE team are working on the following projects for Quarter 3,
which is the months of July, August & September:
* Data Centre Move - Final Works
* CentOS Stream Phase 3
* Noggin Phase 3
* Packager Workflow Healthcare
* Fedora Messaging Schemas

Details of the above projects, and of projects currently in progress,
done and what projects are in our backlog, can be found on our taiga
board per project card:

We also have an updated initiative timetable for briefing in new
projects to our team & key dates
here: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/cpe/time_tables/
*Note: Initiatives are large pieces of work that require a team of
people and weeks/months to complete. Please continue to open tickets
in the normal way for bugs, issues, etc.

CPE Product Owner Office Hours


* Weekly on Thursdays @ 1300 UTC on #fedora-meeting-1
* Next Meeting: 2020-08-20


* Every second Tuesday @ 1500 UTC on #centos-meeting
* Next Meeting: 2020-08-18



Nest With Fedora Note

Thank you to everyone who attended Nest With Fedora over the weekend
and engaged with us during our talks and social sessions. It was a
fantastic event, very well put together and run by the Fedora team and
it was both my pleasure and honour to have been a part of what was a
fantastic schedule! I cant wait to catch up on talks I missed when
they are uploaded, and the CPE team, with thanks to Michal Konecny who
put the structure of our piece together, will be submitting a
collaborative blog post to the Community blog space in the coming
weeks, recapping our experience at Nest this year. Well done Marie
Nordin, Matthew Miller and the wider team, and our very own Vipul
Siddarth, on what was a very successful and enjoyable event!

Engagement Email Feedback

At the beginning of July I sent an email to devel-announce requesting
feedback from the community on changes I and the wider CPE team have
made when scheduling projects to work on, in an effort to find the
balance between work and life. We are still searching
However, I got some very good tips that I will definitely be
incorporating which I shared at Nest during the CPE AMA Session and in
reply to the original mail.

The link to the mails are here for full reading

But the suggestions and actions are here for quicker reference:
Continue to communicate regularly on projects & updates
- Will do, weekly emails have been a bit more sporadic lately as I have had
some time off

Less acronyms & abbreviations in comms
- Sure, that's an easy fix on my end and makes sense

Publish team members timezone on docs.fpo/cpe to help define our ‘working
- Will do, I hope to get to this by end of August and they will be
reflected on docs.fpo/cpe

Publish the workflow diagram to docs.fpo/cpe and add filtered versions that
are user specific
- Same as above, publishing it on docs.fpo/cpe-initiatives

Office Hours on IRC are a useful way to contact team Product Owner
- Great to hear, please feel free to stop by when you can/want to. They are
on Thursdays @ 1300 UTC on #fedora-meeting-1 and every second Tuesday @
1500 UTC on #centos-meeting

Public tracker for bugs
- Our team meets twice a day, every day on IRC to review tickets and issues
to work on. They meet @ 0830 UTC on #centos-meeting and again @ 1800 UTC on
#fedora-admin. These are public meetings so please feel free to attend.

If you would like to offer any further suggestions or feedback on the
Community Platform Engineering team, please feel free to complete our
survey which is open until August 30th

Fedora Updates

Data Centre Move

* Nearly done!!!!!!
* Firewalls for staging are going up this week
* Last of the hardware has been set up for networking changes
* The bringup of Communishift is being made into a dedicated project
for work as soon as the team have capacity to do so - this may be in
late September as the members of the colo team will (hopefully) take
some very well deserved time off work before tackling this one

AAA Replacement

* Some of the Noggin team have been enjoying some very well deserved
time off work over the last week or two so work has, naturally slowed.
* The code is currently being security audited by Patrick Uiterwijk,
thank you Patrick!
* Next steps will be to successfully deploy Noggin to staging when it
has been brought back up - we are estimating this to be late next week
* Once Noggin has been deployed to staging, we would love some
community feedback on the application and its performance. We will be
emailing the infra/devel lists on when to test and how to give us
feedback when we are fully deployed in stg.
* In the meantime. Please feel free to check out the team kanban board
for more information on the features the team are working on and have
already completed here https://github.com/orgs/fedora-infra/projects/6

Fedora Messaging Schemas

* This project is being worked on by the same team as Noggin, so there
has been some progress made but not a lot as team members enjoy some
* The team have already built a list of applications that require
messaging schemas, list can be found here
* They also have completed a readme which contains documentation on
messaging schemas, a cookie-cutter template to create the schema and a
definition of Done for writing a schemas
* The board they are working from can be viewed here

Packager Workflow Healthcare

* Project information: This is an investigative project that aims to
look at the entire packager workflow as a single piece of tooling to
identify where failures happen, and try to identify when and why
packages fail at different points within the workflow. We hope to have
two possible outcomes from this project at the end of the quarter
* The workflow breaks at X point and we will work on a solution to fix
* OR
* The workflow works fine, but we will need better monitoring on
the pipeline so we will work on a solution for this
* The team are using this Monitor-Script
https://pagure.io/fedora-ci/monitor-gating/ and are making
improvements to it on resiliency/reliability.
* They are finishing the investigation phase of the project and are
going to document the packager workflow (with graphs I have been
promised!) showcasing how the different systems interact with one
* And are working on an outline of the workflow steps (from packager
PoV) and systems involved (CPE team PoV), identifying metrics to be
* The teams work is being tracked here

CentOS Updates


* CentOS-infra team have created a ticket board, check it out here
* CBS Koji x86 builders moved to new(er) infrastructure
* The team also caught up C6, C7 and C8 Linux .. 2 outstanding
Bootstrap Modules for C8 Linux (eclipse and the latest rust-toolset).

CentOS Stream

* Not too much to report this week - The team are mostly working on
developing utility scripts that will ease the CentOS 8 and CentOS
Stream packaging workflow and business as usual updates to CentOS

As always, feedback is welcome, and we will continue to look at ways
to improve the delivery and readability of this weekly report.

Have a great week!


Source: https://hackmd.io/8iV7PilARSG68Tqv8CzKOQ?view


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