CPE Weekly: 2020-07-05

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The Community Platform Engineering group is the Red Hat team combining IT and release engineering from Fedora and CentOS. Our goal is to keep core servers and services running and maintained, build releases, and other strategic tasks that need more dedicated time than volunteers can give.

See our wiki page here for more information: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/cpe/

General Project Updates

The CPE team have finished our Quarterly Planning for Q3, July -
September, and will begin work on the following projects starting from
* Data Centre Move - Final Works
* CentOS Stream Phase 3
* Noggin Phase 3
* Packager Workflow Healthcare
* Fedora Messaging Schemas

Details of the above projects, and of projects currently in progress,
done and what projects are in our backlog, can be found on our taiga
board per project card:

We also have an updated initiative timetable for briefing in new
projects to our team & key dates
here: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/cpe/time_tables/
* Note: Initiatives are large pieces of work that require a team of
people and weeks/months to complete. Please continue to open tickets
in the normal way for bugs, issues, etc.

Look out for our Q2 project achievements blog post coming soon!

CPE Product Owner Office Hours


* Weekly on Thursdays @ 1300 UTC on #fedora-meeting-1
* Next Meeting: 2020-07-09


* Every second Tuesday @ 1500 UTC on #centos-meeting
* Next Meeting: 2020-07-07

Fedora Updates

Data Centre Move

* We are now officially operating under reduced Fedora services until
est 28th July to facilitate the final shipment of hardware to the new
data centre.
* Please View project card on taiga for builder - staging - remaining
app bringup dates here
* A list of affected services is available here
* Details on what this move may mean for you can be found here
* If an application is not working correctly at all, please check this
list https://hackmd.io/hpYYJQRjQy-oHxUS7IonIA?view before opening a
ticket to make sure its not listed as being moved. If it is being
moved, please wait a day or two, then try again.
* Similarly, please be patient when opening tickets for service issues
in general as we have now reached the critical point in this move and
all of our sys-admins and wider teams will be assisting in the
successful bringup of the reduced Fedora service and facilitation of
the final hardware shipment and move.
* Most recent update to devel-announce is here

AAA Replacement

* User agreements for both CentOS and Fedora accounts are nearly
complete. We will be able to test this in more detail once staging has
been reinstalled (est July 25th due to colo move)
* Fasjson now supports search feature
* App migreations work still ongoing
* Spam detection service is being investigated and scoped for Q3 work
* Please feel free to check out the team kanban board for more
information on the features the team are working on and have already
completed here https://github.com/orgs/fedora-infra/projects/6


* Project Dashboard here https://github.com/fedora-infra/mbbox/projects/1
* Tasks completed in the project currently
* MBBox handover to CentOS Stream
* The only thing that remains is putting the operator in the
public operator registry which is pending Stream team feedback
* MBox shared CRD is done
* Deployment guide - https://mbbox-operator.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
* Blog post published - check it out here


We are still discussing technical aspects of the project and these are
tracked here:
Planning a date in late August for an AMA session with GitLab that
will be run through IRC for any questions the Fedora and CentOS
communities may have to ask direct.
We will keep you up to date with the developments as and when we have
information to share and thank you again for your patience.

CentOS Updates


* New website went live (https://www.centos.org)
* A new AWS CDN setup for Stream composes
(https://composes.centos.org) is being worked on with a goal to have
the latest stream artifacts to be publicly available and at faster
speed than through normal mirror.centos.org cdn (and/or external

Centos Other

* CentOS CI began onboarding Fedora CI, CoreOS CI and Fedora CoreOS as
tenants this week
* Work going well and stable!

CentOS Stream

* RealTime for Stream is released!
* The team are also working on more module builds for Stream

As always, feedback is welcome, and we will continue to look at ways
to improve the delivery and readability of this weekly report.

Have a great week ahead!


Source: https://hackmd.io/8iV7PilARSG68Tqv8CzKOQ?view

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