CentOS Community newsletter, June 2020 (#2006)

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Dear CentOS enthusiast,

We hope you are all doing well and staying healthy, and, as always, thank you for being part of this great community.

In this edition:


User Survey

Over the past month we have been conducting a user survey of how people use CentOS, and how they would like to participate in the community. We hope to close the survey at the end of June and report on it, although there will also be an intermediate report on the blog in a few days.

You can still participate in the survey - just 4 questions - at https://tm3.org/survey

Removal of Pike and Ocata Trunk repos

The RDO project and the Cloud SIG have announced the removal of the Pike and Ocata repos, which have been EOL'ed (End Of Life). Details are at https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2020-May/036890.html

Reddit AMA

This Thursday we will be holding an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the CentOS subreddit, at 20:00 UTC. Come to https://www.reddit.com/r/CentOS/ with your questions, which will be fielded by a panel of CentOS engineers and community members. Details are at  https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2020-May/036943.html

SIG Authentication Retooling

Board member Jim Perrin has posted an article describing what we're doing with the SIG authentication retooling, and how it will affect you. If you contribute to any part of CentOS or Fedora (or plan to) you should read it, at https://blog.centos.org/2020/05/sig-authentication-retooling/

CPE Office Hours

CPE - Community Platform Engineering - is a team within Red Hat who do some of the infrastructure work to support the CentOS and Fedora projects. With their greater involvement in CentOS in the past few months, you might have some questions. Join us on the #centos-meeting channel (on Freenode IRC) every second Thursday (starting June 9th) at 15:00 UTC, where CPE engineers will answer your questions.

Board Issue Tracker

A recent thread on centos-devel asked what the best way is to get the attention of the board of issues that require a decision or answer. In response, the board has provided an issue tracker at  https://git.centos.org/centos/board where you can raise these issues, and expect to receive a timely answer.

CPE updates:

CPE posts (approximately) weekly updates on what they've been doing for the benefit of our community. These are perhaps the best place to find out what they've been up to, and ask them about specific items.

Releases and updates

In May we issued the following updates and releases.

Errata and Enhancements Advisories

We issued the following CEEA (CentOS Errata and Enhancements Advisories) during May:

Errata and Security Advisories

We issued the following CESA (CentOS Errata and Security Advisories) during May:

Errata and Bugfix Advisories

We issued the following CEBA (CentOS Errata and Bugfix Advisories) during May:

CentOS Stream and CentOS 8

The best place for the latest information about CentOS Stream and CentOS 8 is on the https://feeds.centos.org/ site, where there's one stream for each of the releases for which we provide package updates.


We will be holding the first online edition of devconf.us on September 24th - 25th. Details, and the call for papers are available at devconf.us

In conjunction with this event, we'll be holding the first virtual CentOS Dojo. Details, and the call for presentations for that event, are available in the wiki.

SIG Reports

The SIGs - special interest groups - are where most of the interesting stuff in CentOS happens. They are communities packaging and testing layered projects on top of CentOS, and ensuring that they work reliably.

Virtualization SIG:

advanced-virtualization: packages from Red Hat Advanced Virtualization are now available in CentOS Virt SIG. Still missing a release rpm to be added to CentOS extras for allowing users to easily enable the repo also if they are not using oVirt.

oVirt: upstream released several 4.3 updates but the most interesting update is the release of oVirt 4.4.0 which dropped packaging for CentOS 7 and switched to CentOS 8 and consuming advanced-virtualization and ovirt-4.4 packages built in CentOS Virt SIG.

Also consuming Collectd 5.11 from CentOS OpsTools SIG.

Several new people joined the oVirt group within the SIG in last 3 months:

- Yash Mankad (ymankad) from the Virtualization group at Red Hat, working closely with oVirt an the Virt group on Advanced Virtualization

- Dominik Holler (dholler) from oVirt Network team

- Martin Perina (mperina) from oVirt infra team


OpsTools SIG Quarterly Report

This report also includes reporting for the Messaging SIG, which is marked explicitly, where it's appropriate.


Provide tools for second day operations for operators of large infrastructure.

The Messaging SIG is providing infrastructure for sending messages like RabbitMQ or Apache QPID.

In the time-frame between March 1st and May 31st, we were able to rebuild and publish our contents for CentOS 8.
Kolla containers as part of OpenStack were now moved to use Opstools SIG artifacts built on CentOS 8. Part of this
effort was also to split off messaging related components to the messaging SIG.

We deprecated Sensu and Uchiwa a while ago and did not rebuild them. There is collectd-sensubility, which is a collectd plugin and uses the same configuration as sensu, but is hooked into collectd.

Issues for the board

None. The issues we had in the past were now fortunately resolved.

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  1. Pjotr says:

    It would have been nice to get an update about 8.2. It's ready when it's ready but would appreciate an overview of the steps with checkmarks like with 8.

  2. Todd says:

    I hope to hear on Thursday something about an official CentOS 8 AMI for AWS!

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