CPE Weekly: 2020-04-14

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# CPE Weekly: 2020-04-14

Hi All,

Apologies for the delayed weekly mail, I enjoyed a lovely four-day
weekend with my family over Easter which was important and didn't get
around to sending this email.

The upside is you get two emails from me this week instead

The Community Platform Engineering group is the Red Hat team combining
IT and release engineering from Fedora and CentOS.Check out our teams
info here https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/cpe/

GitForge Updates

* Initial conversations have started with GitLab to investigate
options and weight them against more refined requirements to make sure
we reach the best possible outcome
* We are still engaging with Fedora Council
* We are also engaging with the CentOS board too
* And we are looking at ways to have open conversations/Q&A sessions
in public forums too as we move through this journey.

Fedora Updates

* F32 release first go/no-go meeting is scheduled for this week to
review the estimated release date of 21st April
* Calendar for meetings here
* F32 release schedule here https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/32/Schedule

Data Centre Move

* CommuniShift is now down until May 8th est. to facilitate the data
centre move that has now officially begun.
* Please see our list of affected https://hackmd.io/hpYYJQRjQy-oHxUS7IonIA
* Our first few sets of hardware have been deracked and are awaiting
collection from PHX2 this week.
* Please check our schedule here - we are on Week 06

AAA Replacement

* The team are planning phase two of the replacement which will target
UX/UI improvements,


* rpmautospec
* Call for testers has been sent to the devel-announce list:
* Documentation is also being refined on:
* How it works
* What are its peculiarities
* How to opt-in
* What is working and what isn't yet
* What remains to do before this gets pushed to production
* Thank you for your feedback!

Sustaining Team

* Mbbox Upgrade
* The team are making good progress on the koji-builder & koji-hub
CRD https://github.com/fedora-infra/mbbox/pull/20
* They also have resolved the issue with PVC in the mbox-operator
* We are now looking into CI support and the work that this will involve
* Bodhi
* Investigation database lockups, seems related to celery worker
not completing their tasks
* Working on a 5.3 release
* Releng
* fedscm-admin 1.0.13 released
* Future openh264 composes will use ODCS, script is added to releng repo
* Infra
* The daily standup the team has has helped a lot with managing
infra tickets - they are down to 99 tickets!
* Mass update of stg and prod
* Please note you may experience some Kojira slowness
* New review-stats application deployed -

CentOS Updates


* CentOS CI is stable and all working fine
* Investigation for cloud vms addition to cico is also underway
* RHEL 8.1 batch update 07-Apr

CentOS Stream

* We have now ~200 packages built in CentOS Stream & we expect a few
hundred more to become available to us soon!
* The team are also still working on general compose config, koji tag
& housekeeping

As always, feedback is welcome, and we will continue to look at ways
to improve the delivery and readability of this weekly report.

Have a great weekend!


Source: https://hackmd.io/8iV7PilARSG68Tqv8CzKOQ


Aoife Moloney
Product Owner
Community Platform Engineering Team
Red Hat EMEA
Communications House
Cork Road

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  1. Irene Doran says:


    New to this blog and CentOS. Where do I ask questions, for example, I recently installed CentOS 8 and can't seem to get wifi scanning to work nor able to install/build glabels. Any guidance would be appreciated. I have no development skills.

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