FOSDEM Dojo, post-event survey

Tuesday, 18, February 2020 Rich Bowen Uncategorized 1 Comment

At the end of each CentOS Dojo we have an attendee survey. While these never have the response rate I'd like, they do produce interesting data that help us improve future events.

Here's the results from the survey from the Dojo in Brussels, 2020

Q1: I use CentOS for ...

17 responses
76.5% Running services at work
41.2% Software development (professional)
41.2% Running services at home
11.8% My desktop computer
5.9% Software development (personal, hobby)

Q2: I came to this event from:

64.7% Elsewhere in Europe
23.5% Elsewhere in the world
11.8% Brussels

Q3: Talks were ...

88.2% About right
11.8% Not technical enough

Q4: I would like to see more content about:

Just one remark on this last item: We can only schedule talks that are submitted, and for this event, in particular, we had very few submissions. So take this last item as a hint of what kind of talks we'll be looking for next time.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the survey. Your feedback is very helpful!

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  1. Jeffery Cox says:

    CentOS is used and developed by Amazon which I signed a confidentiality contract and I will not break it. Even the discussion of CentOS is not to be discussed by myself or any other Amazon employee or former employee. Discussion of development and use can lead to very serious legal issues.

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