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Why? The current logo has a long history, and is well recognized, but the design is essentially 15 years old.  There have been comments on the mailing list that the brand should be updated. The logo also has a lot of colors which makes printing and embroidery more expensive, and sometimes leads into color matching […]

About this document This document lays out a problem statement, requirements, and constraints according to the Open Decision Framework. The aim is to arrive at a transparent decision about the future of a git forge for the communities that represent the platforms that the Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team manages. Those communities are the CentOS and […]

On behalf of the Board, a group of us is working on an update to the CentOS Project goals that were originally laid out in 2014 and are online at We’re hosting informal user and contributor interviews in a room throughout the day at the CentOS Dojo later this month in Brussels. Please join […]

Public minutes On 2020-01-08 the CentOS Board of Directors held the first meeting of 2020, welcoming guest Rich Bowen, Community Architect for the CentOS Project. The group talked through some background for each-other as part of the framework for updating the project goals. The Board is drafting a process that is for refreshing the project's […]

We wanted to update you on what is happening, largely out of sight to most of the community, on the CentOS Linux 8 front. We have appreciated the patience of the community, but we understand that your patience won’t last forever. A lot of the work in rebuilding RHEL sources into CentOS Linux is handled […]

Purpose To build and distribute the Origin 3.x rpm packages to CentOS repository. Happy New Year and new endeavors Happy New Year to all CentOS community! As of 2020, the CentOS PaaS SIG wants to make a step towards a new endeavor to help and provide OKD 4.x as part of a wider community. However, for the […]

Dear CentOS enthusiast, For those of you who celebrate various things at this time of year, we wish you a wonderful time with family and friends. IN THIS EDITION: News Releases and updates Events SIG reports Contributing News December, as usual, was very slow around here, with many people taking some time off around the […]

Public agenda On Wednesday 08 January 2020, the CentOS Board of Directors will hold its first meeting of the decade and 2020 calendar year. Below is the agenda for that meeting that can be shared with the community and wider public. Adopt minutes from 2019-12-18 Build pipeline changes Update from Jim/KB Project goals refresh Working […]

Public minutes On 2019-12-18 the CentOS Board of Directors held the final meeting of the 2019 calendar year. The meeting was focused primarily on how the Board can lead the project further into being a contributor-centric open source project while continuing to deliver value to our community of users. Of particular interest is growing participation […]

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