Welcoming Packet as new sponsor for CentOS.org infra

Saturday, 30, March 2019 Fabian Arrotin distro, Infra, mirrors, Sponsors, Uncategorized 1 Comment

It's not a secret that the CentOS project has always been running on sponsored infra since the beginning of the journey. While over the years we sometimes lost some "sponsors", we are always happy to see new ones joigning us . That's especially true for the infra used to "seed" the CentOS distro and SIGs content to external mirrors, and even more in regions that are less covered.

While we have some nodes in North America and Europe, some other regions are less covered (if not at all). That's why we'd like to say thank you to Packet to have recently sponsored some bare-metal nodes that are now members of our msync network, including (but not limited) to regions like Asia (with one node in Japan !), Europe and America. Welcome !

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  1. Roger Williams says:

    Newsletter is great if medium to expert but it’s all Greek to newbie. How about a newbie articles?

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