CentOS Opstools SIG Quarterly Report

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CentOS Opstools SIG Quarterly Report
Dec 01, 2018 - Feb 28, 2019


Provide tools and, documentation, recommendations and best practices for operators of large infrastructure.

Membership update

We need to be honest to see that contributions decreased over the time. Members moved on, and at the same time, we failed to attract new contributors.

Health and Activity

CentOS opstools packages are being consumed by OpenStack Kolla, and at the same time, for example also by oVirt.

During FOSDEM, we got in touch with collectd upstream. collectd is also integral part of the OPNFV Barometer project. While Barometer provides containers to test the project, the same can be achieved by using packages from CentOS-Opstools.

Architectual-wise, we are shifting from using sensu and fluentd. If anyone is interested in keeping them, it's the right time to step up.

The replacements will be using rsyslog and Prometheus. Currently, we are not building Prometheus under the opstools SIG; interested
persons are encouraged to step up here!

Issues for the Board

None at this point, but we should keep an eye on contributors.

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