CentOS Virtualization SIG Quarterly Report, March 2019

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Virtualization SIG quarterly report, Dec 1 2018 - February 28 2019


Packaging and maintaining different FOSS based virtualization applications that one can install and run natively on CentOS.


Membership Update

We are always looking for new members.

Tomasz Baranski and Yuval Turgeman joined the SIG for oVirt project.

Releases and Packages

oVirt 4.2 reached end of life with the upstream release of oVirt 4.3. Upstream is planning 4.3.1 to be shipped live on February 26th, the SIG will rebase on that.

On Xen side, Xen 4.8 has been updated to 4.8.5-1

On libvirt side, latest upstream release 5.0 has been tagged for release

Health and Activity

The Virtualization SIG remains fairly healthy. All the projects within the SIG are updating regularly on biweekly meetings.

oVirt had a conference in Milan on November 16th 2018 and is planning a new conference in Rome this spring.

oVirt was also present at Devconf.cz and Fosdem.

Xen 4.10.2 is also available, and the dom0-enabled Linux kernel is at 4.9.127. Release candidate builds of Xen 4.12 are also available.

Issues for the Board

oVirt pushed a patch for having a CentOS appliance including oVirt Guest Agent in https://github.com/CentOS/sig-cloud-instance-build/pull/127

We've updated centos-release-xen to default to Xen 4.8 in the CBS repos.

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