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Thursday, 13, December 2018 pgreco announcement, upgrades 3 Comments

Once upon a time, there was a repository called fasttrack, and it used to get low priority updates before going through all the usual checks.

Eventually, that repo was deprecated, we couldn't delete it without breaking compatibility, so it just stayed there, empty and silent.

A few days ago, a bug appeared in bind, that was giving headaches to many people, we had a fix and wanted to give the users an option without waiting for the official build, so we decided to bring fasttrack back to life.

What will it be for?
Well, exactly for cases like this, simple fixes that the CentOS QA team or community members come up with, and helps users while they wait for the official solution.

How do I enable it?
sudo yum-config-manager --enable fasttrack
Then run yum update as usual.

What are the steps?
1) Submit your bug in
2) If you have a patch, or a reference to the program's bug tracking system, add it to the bug.
3) This is the most important step, "Be patient!!!"
4) If all goes well, and we like the patch, we'll create a temporary build and point you to it in the bug entry.
5) You'll have to install and test that this build works.
6) If not done already, submit a bug in and point it to the one created in CentOS.
7) Once all of this is done, we'll sign and push it to the fasttrack repo for everybody to use.

Please keep in mind that this repo is for "temporary" fixes, until Red Hat comes up with the real solution.

If you have any problems, please report back through the usual channels (irc, forums, Bug Tracker, Mailing Lists, etc)


Update: Added steps. all this is WiP at the moment.

3 thoughts on "Fasttrack is back!"

  1. Ricardo J. Barberis says:

    Interesting, just a couple of days ago I stumbled upon a bug in cloud-init 18.2 which prevents CentOS 7 VMs to connect to old (IceHouse in my case) OpenStack's metadata service.

    It's benn reported since 2018/11/26 here:

    But there' not much activity.

    I applid a patch to cloud-init that I found in and it worked for me.

    Would this be a candidate for fasttrack?

    If so, I can open a request on CentOS' bug tracker.


    1. pgreco says:

      Ricardo, I've updated the post and added some tentative steps to get this done. Please file the bug at so we can continue.

  2. Ricardo J. Barberis says:

    Hi Pablo, reported at


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