DevConf.IN this weekend!

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Join us this weekend (August 4th - 5th) in Bengaluru for, the second annual Developers' Conference.

We want to draw particular attention to two talks.

Bama charan Kundu will be talking about the CentOS Container Pipeline project:

Various container build services offer developers to build their image with a git push and scan the container for known CVEs (as a paid service). What they don't provide is Dockerfile linting; scanners that would scan for available package updates (rpm, pip, npm, gem); a build process that rebuilds an image not only on git push but also when there's RPM update in its enabled repo or when its base image is updated.

Welcome to CentOS Container Pipeline project. It provides all these and more, out of the box, free of cost, on CentOS infra, and with a focus on open source developers. All it needs is the link to git repo containing the Dockerfile.

And Karanbir Singh will be delivering the closing keynote:

Open Source won! In this session, I would like to explore the effects this has on culture and impact beyond just the software development process; focusing on how we run and operate software today and into the future. As an existing or potential contributor to future services, as either a developer, an operator or manager, I will aim to give you the focus points helping you make good choices in the right directions. And most importantly, asking the right questions.

Additionally, CentOS will have a booth in the expo hall, so drop by for your CentOS stickers and swag! See you in Bengaluru!

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