SuperComputing is #PoweredByCentOS

Tuesday, 3, April 2018 Rich Bowen Uncategorized 1 Comment

Last week I, and one of my colleagues, had the opportunity to attend SuperComputing Asia in Singapore. The great thing about the various SuperComputing conferences is getting to see what amazing things people are doing with HPC (High Performance Computing) to make the world a better place. This was very much the case last week at SC-Asia.

We had the opportunity to interview three people who are using HPC to solve real world problems, and I wanted to share those interviews with you.

First we spoke with Abhishek Saha who is an engineering student at National University of Singapore. He's working with the  Hydroinformatics Institute of Singapore to simulate water run-off across the entire island, to propose solutions for flooding.

Next, we spoke with Nick Zang who is a research fellow at Nanyang Technological University. He's investigating jet engine noise, and ways of reducing that noise:

Finally, we spoke with Yap Jia Qing, who is the Founder & CEO of Nurture.AI, an organization dedicated to encouraging AI researchers to publish their findings in AI along with open source implementations of the research, in order to reduce the burden of reproducing, and then building on, that research. This, in turn, greatly accelerates the progress of AI research.

The first two of these researchers are using CentOS in their their supercomputing infrastrucures, as well as using the large CentOS infrastructure at the National SuperComputing Center. is an Ubuntu shop. All of the work from all three of these projects is open source, in an effort to accelerate research and implementations.

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