CentOS Dojo @ FOSDEM: Videos

Wednesday , 14, February 2018 Leave a comment

For those of you who were unable to attend the CentOS Dojo in Brussels, here are all of the videos from the event.

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KB's "State of CentOS"

Bert Van Vreckem - Basic troubleshooting of network services

Tomas Oulevey - Anaconda addon development

Matthias Runge - Opstools SIG

Haikel Guemar - Metrics with Gnocchi

Colin Charles - Understanding the MySQL database ecosystem

Fabian Arrotin - Content caching

Sean O'Keeffee - Foreman and Katello

Tom Callaway  - Building modern code with devtoolset

Spyros Trigazis - Practical system containers with Atomic

Kris Buytaert - Deplyong your SaaS stack OnPrem

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