CentOS Dojo at CERN

Saturday, 21, October 2017 Rich Bowen Uncategorized No Comments

Yesterday we held our first - hopefully of many - dojo at CERN. We had around 70 people in attendance, representing many organizations and nations. And we had presentations from many different projects within the CentOS ecosystem.

If you're not familiar with CentOS Dojos, you can read more about them here: https://wiki.centos.org/Events/Dojo/

And if you're not familiar with CERN, you can read about it on Wikipedia, or on CERN's own website.

The dojo was in two parts.

On Thursday, a small group of CentOS SIG leaders and board members gathered to discuss plans for tackling some of the challenges in the CentOS project. You can read more about what was discussed on the centos-devel mailing list.

On Friday, we had the main event, with presentations from the CentOS board, SIG leaders, and organizations using CentOS. This included a presentation from CERN on their use of CentOS, Ceph, and OpenStack to process the data from the LHC - The Large Hadron Collider - as they analyze the nature of subatomic particles, and of the world.

We were very pleased with the day, and intend to do more event in the future, both at CERN, and at other organizations. If you're interested in hosting a dojo at your organization, get in touch with Rich Bowen to get started. Also, watch this site for a blog post about what's involved in running a dojo.

For more about what happened at the dojo, see Rich's blog posts. Also, watch this space for video and slides from the event.


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