[infra] scheduled major outage for several services

Wednesday , 8, March 2017 Leave a comment

As announced, and confirmed on the centos-devel list, next week we'll have a major outage impacting several services that are hosted in the same DC : due to some reorganization at the DC/Cage level, we'll have to shutdown/move/reconfigure a big part of our hosted infra for the following services :

  • https://cbs.centos.org (Koji)
  • https://accounts.centos.org (auth backend, and also https://id.centos.org, our idp in front of ACO)
  • https://ci.centos.org (jenkins-driven CI environment)
  • https://registry.centos.org (that one will be temporary migrated to a read-only registry, so that people already pointing to that node will continue to be able to pull images)

We're working on a plan to minimize the downtime/reconfiguration part, but at first sight, due to the hardware move of the racks/recabling parts/etc, the announced downtime will be probably ~48h.

What does that mean ? That during this maintenance window, nobody will be able to build/tests packages, nor be able to triggers automatically CI jobs (important). This hardware migration is scheduled for March 14th, starting at 13:00 UTC.

We'll obviously try to restore those services as soon as possible, to minimize the impact on people building pkgs for SIGs

If you have questions, feel free to discuss this in the #centos-devel channel on irc.freenode.net, or the centos-devel mailing list

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