CentOS Community Poster Designs!

Wednesday, 13, April 2016 Jim Perrin Uncategorized No Comments

The CentOS Project is heading to Red Hat Summit, but we need your help! Since this event is kind of a big deal, we need to make sure our booth is appropriately dressed for the occasion. The theme for the community space around summit draws it's inspiration from some popular NASA JPL posters, and we'd like to showcase our community's creativity by having your designs at our both and possibly by handing them out as giveaways during the conference. We at the Project are better builders and sys-admins than designers. We'd love to see your suggestions and ideas.


If you have a design you'd like to see us use for the poster and booth work, you can submit it to the CentOS mailing list, or post it as a pull request to our community artwork repository. The designs need to be submitted by midnight(EST) on Monday, April 25th so that we have time to go through the submissions. Let's see what sort of creativity is lurking out there!

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