CentOS and GSoC 2015 — suddenly come seven on 7

Monday, 1, June 2015 Karsten Wade GSoC 2 Comments

The CentOS Project is now the proud mentoring organization for seven students to work on projects this summer under the Google Summer of Code (GSoC.)

Below is a quick snapshot of the projects and the communication channels for keeping track or participating in the activities the students will generate around themselves as the get to work. For the most part, these projects are focused on technologies around the latest Linux from the project, CentOS Linux 7.

To keep overall track of what is going on across all the students' projects, watch the CentOS planet blog aggregator, planet.centos.org; students individual blogs are found at the CentOS 7 blog seven.centos.org.

Getting this all together has been fun -- working with the students- and mentors-to-be, organizing processes, all the way back to the idea generation and prep phases, all a whirlwind of activity. I've done GSoC as a mentor and administrator since 2006 (second year of GSoC) and other summer coding efforts, and it's hard not to have things be a bit chaotic with so many moving parts. I'm really looking forward to the benefits newer organizations get from having to prepare and work with students throughout the effort.

2 thoughts on "CentOS and GSoC 2015 — suddenly come seven on 7"

  1. Alex says:

    Hi! I asked several questions for some reason you didn't answered. So, please could you tell me how to register on Centos7 forum, I don't know how to enter proc or dev, etc /dev/ 😉 Why? Ok, maybe I'll try to communicate through the forum or you blog. I was proposing you money for support, you can access through ssh

    1. Johnny Hughes says:

      You can get help from the CentOS Community here:


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