Guess what’s coming ?

Monday , 7, July 2014 21 Comments


A small picture say sometimes more than a long sentence ...

21 thoughts on “ : Guess what’s coming ?”
  • Stephen says:

    A MATE respin already cos Gnome3 is a pos?

    • Johnny Hughes says:

      MATE is available in EPEL ...

      But really, once you get used to gnome 3, even normal mode and not classic mode, its not THAT bad.

      • Stephen says:

        I'm aware it's in EPEL. I've also given Gnome 3 a shot a few times now but just can't get on with it.

        Offering a respin with MATE rather than Gnome 3 would really please a lot of people I think. The decision by RedHat and now CentOS to switch to Gnome3 may prove their undoing for Desktop installs.

        • Andy says:

          The decision by RedHat and now CentOS to switch to Gnome3 may prove their undoing for Desktop installs.

          You really are exagurating here ...
          Gnome Shell isn't _that_ bad and if you think it is bad, you should be smart enough to change your DE too.

        • Louis says:

          So what you're saying is, by that logic, Gnome 3/Shell being chosen as the default could have been reversed for CentOS?

          Right. You do know that CentOS follows Red Hat rather closely, right? 🙂

  • hadrons123 says:

    Was waiting for this release eagerly. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

  • hadrons123 says:

    Moreover it smoothly updates from RC version to final too!

    • Johnny Hughes says:

      The only real issue that I have personally had is that centos-release may need some manual love to remove some directories .. depending on your QA version.

      • szlevi says:

        What do you say, what's the best approach to full v7: re-install from scratch or just run sudo yum distro-sync-full...?

        • Bucky says:

          I think there's a FedUp act-alike which is in RHEL 7 but which is proprietary to RedHat.

          The plan is to add a free version of this to CentOS, but it will land a bit later, in the interests of getting CentOS 7 out the door.

          In the very short term, I think a clean install is certainly the safest approach.

          • Andre Gompel says:

            "fedup" seemed to work, but eventually I always had to eventually reinstall from scratch.

            So do not waste your time: backup what you need, and do a fresh install if you want to be happy with CENTOS7 !

        • Bucky says:

          Oh, PS: This is just my understanding from the mailing lists. I'm just a user.

  • hadrons123 says:

    I have installed RC gnome live version. What are those directories you are referring to, If I may ask.

  • Paul says:

    Awesome, just can't wait until this is out!

  • Alexey_SL says:

    Someone's birthday? 🙂

  • Benjo says:

    How to install vlc player for centos 7 ? Can not find networkmanager-pptp support.

  • Kenny says:

    Does anyone successfully use systemtap on CentOS7? It seems there are no kernel-debuginfo-* packages available yet.

    Does anyone know what's the status of these kernel-debuginfo-* packages?


  • Tony D'Amico says:

    I've been running CentOS 7 on my laptop with cinnamon for several weeks now. It runs well, but I do have a few complaints...

    vlc, not available yet in 7
    networkmanager-pptp, not available yet in 7
    chrome - not available, got it to work, but what a hack...

    Several other packages not yet available, RPM-Fusion not yet ready for 7

    Overall great job, I'm hoping the community realizes that this is available soon and starts to provide more packages through the standard repos and RPM Fusion.

  • Phu Hien says:

    MATE is available in EPEL …

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