RHEL 7 RC is available

Thursday, 24, April 2014 kbsingh General 50 Comments

First, the download links :


Drill down to the type of build, and ISOS are available as well, and remember to report bugs at http://bugzilla.redhat.com

Here at the CentOS Project, we are going to rebase our build plan and build efforts around the sources released along with this rhel7rc, more news on that in the coming days.

- KB

50 thoughts on "RHEL 7 RC is available"

  1. ouafnico says:

    That's a good news.
    Waiting the Centos 7 beta/rc release :p

  2. Cedrick says:


  3. John says:

    Are CentOS 7 support i?86?

  4. 霡霂 says:

    I hope it has all the new features,like go php5.5 python3 docker Hack & HHVM.
    Our Linux must bouth have the development environment and product environment, isn't it?

    1. Paul says:

      If you look at http://buildlogs.centos.org/centos/7/os/x86_64-latest/Packages/

      It contains php 5.4. You'll probably have to go to IUS repo for 5.5 and you'll have to upgrade a bunch of packages to even install HHVM.

  5. Björn says:

    I am not quite sure what it means, but I just wait...

  6. Henry Link says:

    According to https://access.redhat.com/site/solutions/509373 , there won't be a 32-bit ISO version for RHEL 7, but a number of 32-bit libraries will be present for 32-bit app compatibility. CentOS likely won't deviate from this, especially with their renewed collaboration with Red Hat announced back in January.

  7. Andrea Bocci says:

    Do RHEL7/CentOS7 supportthe x32 ABI ?

  8. Michael Torrie says:

    The beta had a standard yum repository defined. The RC does not, since RH users use the RHN and its yum plugin. To get yum to work with the RC without RHN, you can use the following yum repo code for now, for the full server edition (there are no mirrors that i know of currently):

    name=Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 RC - $basearch

    name=Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 RC Optional - $basearch

    Remove or overwrite the old repo you used in beta. Also if the gpg key is not on your system, you'll have to either install the appropriate redhat-release rpm or use yum install redhat-release-server --nogpgcheck to get the key installed.

  9. Aniket Lamba says:

    Which installation source to choose when installing CentOS 7 Server?

  10. Mark White says:

    Would like to know if the newer laptop h/w will be supported. I just picked up an Acer Aspire R7. Love the hardware, hate the O.S. (Win 8.1, atm). Not even Ubuntu seems to understand this h/w yet.. not a big fan of Unity as is.

    1. Michael Torrie says:

      The kernel is relatively recent, so yes there's a fair chance that it will support your Acer Aspire R7. At least at present, EL7 is quite modern. It's a long-term stable distribution, though, so five years from now it will definitely be older and probably won't support the latest peripherals out of the box.

      1. Michael Torrie says:

        I should add, though, that the stock EL7 kernel did not support my Nvidia ethernet chipset (forcedeth) out of the box. It's simply not enabled as a module in the build for whatever reason. I am currently running the latest Fedora 19 kernel and it does support it.

        1. CentOS-User03 says:

          Please see http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos/2014-July/144190.html for getting support for the forcedeth kernel module.

  11. ouafnico says:

    No idea when Centos 7 can be released ? Before end of 2014 ?

    1. UCentOS says:

      I have the same question: when CentOS 7 will be released?

  12. Use VirtualBox to test out RHEL 7 RC until CentOS 7 is ready... 😀

  13. I'm not sure why people are even asking about 32-bit RHEL/CentOS 7 - considering it's an enterprise distro mainly run on servers and workstations, being limited to 4GB of RAM just doesn't make any sense.

    All typical server/workstation hardware sold in the last 5 years has been 64-bit capable, so I for one am glad to see the back of 32-bit RHEL/CentOS...

    1. Cris Rhea says:

      One reason for 32-bit is laptops that don't have more than 4GB. I have accessories where the vendor provides Linux drivers, but only for 32-bit. (StarTech NoteCons01)

      1. Ty_A says:

        Hey Chris, I ran into the same problem with the NoteCons01 adapter. It will actually work perfectly fine on 64-bit Linux by symlinking the 32-bit libraries with the name of the 64-bit it's looking for when the KVM gui fails to load. I use that adapter on a 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 laptop.

      2. nouvo 09 says:

        Scuse me but all 32 bits version in Centos have the PAE extension.
        I always run 32 bits distros which recognize my 12 GB ram/

    2. Jeff says:

      I have lots of old 32bit PCs with Centos 6.5. They are all headless with minimal install plus whatever app I want to run. They perform quite well and don't see a reason to throw them away. Why would you be glad to see the lack of this capability? You want to force people to throw away systems that work fine for routers and other applications. I would prefer to run the latest stable version of the OS and so far have liked using centos across the board for all Linux systems old and new.

      I have switched to Mint/MATE for my desktop PCs so I may need to transition to another distribution for servers and routers. I've been in the Red Hat camp since 1995 but our goals seem to be drifting apart.

      1. Akemi Yagi says:

        If I have lots of old 32bit PCs running CentOS 6.5 just fine, I would not try changing them to CentOS 7. After all, CentOS 6 is stable and is supported until November, 2020. That is, you still have 6.5 years to go.

    3. deandownsouth says:

      I think you are missing a very important part: choice. One of the tenets of Open Source is choice. *You* may not understand why anyone would want 32 bit (or whatever) but others may have a specific use case. And I can think of scenarios in my world too. This isn't (and shouldn't) be like Microsoft where they get to decide every "choice" for you. Red Hat's forcing everyone to a specific platform is a bad idea. And that's my concern about certain things that users of rhel/centos are requesting that are being ignored. Thankfully this is all Open Source so when Red Hat doggedly sticks to options that are not wanted we have options, even if those come from other sources. I'm confident that if RH really does decide that 32 bit is out, there will be others that will take the source and packages and make a rhel/centos 7 32bit 'spin'.

    4. Baa says:


      as you said, all of the applications does not support in 64 bit OS. Please consider this always.


  14. Abr4cks says:

    I'm really looking forward to the release of CentOS 7

  15. Abr4cks says:

    Regarding the 32-bit version, there are many small businesses that use old PC (adapted as servers) that only support 32-bit architecture and running CentOS for specific functions. In these scenarios it is interesting to perform a version upgrade when there is some gain (eg performance)

  16. Abbas says:

    No graphical interface available for red hat 7 64 bit? Any solution available I am using VMWare Fusion 6?

  17. Mike says:

    Is it actually possible that I could download and install the RHEL 7 RC (without subscription) and later migrate from RHEL 7 RC to the CentOS 7 Release?

    I am intending to create a server template that I can deploy on a couple machines and a RC is usually not far away from the major release.

    'Just asking out of curiosity...

    1. jagd says:

      I think so.
      Because I cannot wait longer for the final centos/scientific release, yesterday I've already installed RC on the laptops.

      Since EPEL is still in beta and RPMFusion is not available, one has to grab a lot of SRPMs from modern fedoras.

      However, GNOME 3 sucks.

  18. Nickolai Leschov says:

    Is there going to be a Beta or Release Candidate of CentOS distribution anytime soon?

    Are there any plans for supporting Power Architecture?

    1. ouafnico says:

      No way to find a schedule plan :s

    2. Nickolai Leschov says:

      Is there any information regarding the upcoming beta/RC/release version of CentOS?

  19. master says:

    when Centos 7 can be released ?

  20. zeros abdel says:

    is this version of redhat free ?

  21. alex says:

    can i upgrade from centos 6.5 to 7 beta

  22. Torbjørn Lindahl says:

    Safe to say we're well past the "coming days" - no news.

  23. Hamid says:

    its possible to update from RHEL 7 RC to Fina our its required a clean install like Beta !

  24. Bryan says:

    When will go out CentOS 7? Thanks

  25. Gopal Gosavi says:

    @Michael Torrie :

    Hi Michael,

    what is the workaround for forcedeth driver installation on RHEL7 ?

    Thanks in advance.
    Gopal Gosavi

    1. CentOS-User03 says:

      Please see http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos/2014-July/144190.html for getting support for the forcedeth kernel module.

  26. FuXjez says:


    "We" are running dozens of CentOS boxes and would very much like to have an indication of CentOS 7 release date. Will it be in Q4 2014? Might it be Q3 2015?

    If we have an indication of expected release we would be able to adjust our "schedules" etc.

    Would be very appreciated!

    Kind regards,


    1. Jason B says:

      It was released July 7, 2014.

  27. Leszek says:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /redhat/rhel/rc/7/ was not found on this server.

  28. _ck_ says:

    Sigh, I was excited and reading up on all the new stuff and then I came across init.d being replaced with systemd

    WTF Red Hat. Sorry CentOS 7, I never got to know you. Won't be adopting it for quite some time. Text files for configurations are the only sane way to do things.

  29. Danny says:

    Hmm i have a 32bit server, i realy want to see a C7 32bit version very soon.
    I don't go buy new HW!

    I don't have 64Bit computers/laptops.

  30. nathan says:

    @Danny, then that would be a problem as they bump out the 32 bit Arch. There are cheap 64 bit if you want to try, mine has it, Lenovo T420

  31. Chris says:

    After 2 years of work we're 75% completed migrating an old DOS enterprise system to CentOS and since there is no 32Bit version of CentOS 7 I have to stop and deal with compatibility issues on 64Bit platform.


  32. Alex says:

    I installed Centos 7 just now and suddenly found myself in unsual position - I can not find any detailed HOW TO for RHEL 7 or CENTOS 7. I can not believe my eyes. The difference with release Centos 6 is pretty deep, and Centos6 recommendations Do not work. I am unable to set up Mail server, vns work in a different way, and I just started.
    Where I can get Centos 7 specs and HOW TO?


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