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In the interest of preparing for the el7 release, I've decided to attempt to migrate my primary machine to the el7 beta. For the most part this seems like it will be a reasonably easy transition, though admittedly I play with fedora frequently so the gnome2 to gnome3 transition is something I've already handled. If […]

hi, There has been reasonable interest in the i686 builds for CentOS-7. And we also need some i686 components for the x86_64 multilib payload. As a step-1 of the process, we are going to try and workout how much of the published sources built on i686, bootstraping the builds from Fedora-19/i686 and then rebuilding onto […]

Packages for the el7 beta are starting to show up in the EPEL repository. If you've been holding off looking at the beta because there were some 'required' packages missing, you might want to see what's available now.  

hi, We've now got a public mailing list up at ; all build reports for the CentOS-7 src to binary builds will be posted there, including the fail and success reports. All fail reports will come with log file snippets as well as mock configs and the environ they were attempted in. The list is readonly, […]

There are two main roles offered by the centosplus kernel; one is to provide features that are disabled in the distro kernel and the other is to fix known issues by applying patches. The plus kernel for .el7 is now under development and can be followed in this bug tracker. So far rebuilding the kernel […]

This is what our to-build queues look like at the moment, note that they are by arch of the required resulting rpms ( so srpms that produce multi arch binaries will be listed twice ). noarch/apache-commons-net-3.2-7.el7.src.rpm noarch/args4j-2.0.16-11.el7.src.rpm noarch/boost-1.53.0-14.el7.src.rpm noarch/byteman-2.0.4-3.el7.src.rpm noarch/cdi-api-1.0-9.SP4.el7.src.rpm noarch/fftw-3.3.3-6.el7.src.rpm noarch/fprintd-0.5.0-1.el7.src.rpm noarch/gimp-help-2.8.0-7.el7.src.rpm noarch/gstreamer-plugins-base-0.10.36-4.el7.src.rpm noarch/istack-commons-2.17-2.el7.src.rpm noarch/jansi-1.9-5.el7.src.rpm noarch/jarjar-1.4-3.el7.src.rpm noarch/javassist-3.16.1-8.el7.src.rpm noarch/jboss-ejb-3.1-api-1.0.2-7.el7.src.rpm noarch/jboss-interceptors-1.1-api-1.0.2-0.6.20120319git49a904.el7.src.rpm noarch/jboss-jaxrpc-1.1-api-1.0.1-4.el7.src.rpm noarch/jboss-servlet-3.0-api-1.0.1-6.el7.src.rpm noarch/jboss-transaction-1.1-api-1.0.1-5.el7.src.rpm noarch/jing-trang-20091111-12.el7.src.rpm noarch/json-c-0.11-1.el7.src.rpm […]

A fallout of how we are setup, where we are setup and what constraints we worked under : only a very small number of people have been able to request builds, look at output, make changes to the build environment and the process around it. One of the big goals for the CentOS Linux 7beta […]

One of the big challenges we had while building CentOS-6 was to do with scaling the builds. While resources existed, I was unable to get more than 3 ( and in some cases, like perl  modules that build with -j1, upto 5 ) concurrent builds. I've been quite keen to solve that problem and a […]

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