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This report covers work that happened between January 13th and April 2nd 2021. Purpose The Hyperscale SIG focuses on enabling CentOS Stream deployment on large-scale infrastructures and facilitating collaboration on packages and tooling. Membership update The SIG was established in January with six founding members (Davide Cavalca, Filipe Brandenburger, Matthew Almond, Justin Vreeland,Thomas Mackey, David […]

You may have seen the emails from Aoife about the work the Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team is doing around authentication tooling, and what that might mean for CentOS. Here’s a brief explainer for what’s happening. The authentication software we use for SIGs (FAS or Fedora Account System) and a few other bits around the […]

As per the SIG reporting guide, the Promo SIG offers its quarterly report for the period from Nov 1, 2018 through Feb 1, 2019 Purpose The CentOS Promotion SIG exists to provide promotion, and consistent messaging, of CentOS, both at physical events and online. Membership Update In the reporting period, we have had participation from […]

Purpose The CentOS PaaS SIG is working on delivering multiple PaaS Stacks that are built, tested and delivered into the CentOS Ecosystem for end user consumption, run as a service and also provided in various formats ( rpms, containers, images etc ) for other efforts in the CentOS Ecosystem, that can derive value from this […]

CentOS SCLo SIG Quarterly report Purpose Packaging and maintaining Software Collections packages, providing the ability to install several versions of various software side by side. Releases and packages Several new software collections were provided: Git 2.18 MySQL 8.0 nginx 1.14 NodeJS 10 PHP 7.2 Varnish 6 Some older software collections were retired due to their […]

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