CentOS Community Newsletter, July 2021

Tuesday, 6, July 2021 Rich Bowen Newsletter 5 Comments

Dear CentOS Enthusiasts, Here's what's happening in our community over the past month. CentOS Stream 9 is open for contribution: Container images and a note about new composes We've been working on producing more artifacts for CentOS Stream 9, those can be found at the composes location: You'll notice a few directories under there, […]

CentOS Community Newsletter, June 2021

Tuesday, 8, June 2021 Rich Bowen Newsletter No Comments

(Yes, we're a little late this month. Sorry about that.) Dear CentOS Enthusiasts, Here's what's happening around the CentOS community lately. CentOS Linux 8.4 Released We are pleased to announce the general availability of the latest version of CentOS Linux 8. Effective immediately, this is the current release for CentOS Linux 8 and is tagged […]

CentOS Community Newsletter, May 2021 (#2105)

Tuesday, 4, May 2021 Rich Bowen Newsletter No Comments

Hello, friends, It's been another busy month in the CentOS Project, so we'll get straight to the news: CentOS Stream News Last week, Brian Stinson announced some updates on the progress towards CentOS Stream 9 on the centos-devel mailing list. This included the availability of Stream 9 packages on Gitlab, and a koji instance where […]

CentOS Community Newsletter, April 2021 (#2104)

Tuesday, 6, April 2021 Rich Bowen Newsletter No Comments

Dear CentOS Community, Thanks for joining us for another edition of our monthly newsletter. Here's what's happening in the CentOS community. Upcoming CentOS Dojo Yesterday we closed the Call For Presentations (CFP) for the upcoming CentOS Dojo in May, and we hope to publish the schedule of selected presentations this week. Meanwhile, you can register […]

CentOS Community Newsletter, March 2021 (#2103)

Tuesday, 2, March 2021 Rich Bowen Newsletter 1 Comment

Dear CentOS Community, Here's a glimpse into what's happening in the CentOS community, and what's coming in the next few months. This month in CentOS Stream We've had a lot going on in CentOS Stream this month, here are some major things we've been working on: - CentOS Linux Extras and CentOS Stream Extras are […]

CentOS Community Newsletter, February 2021 (#2102)

Tuesday, 9, February 2021 Rich Bowen Community, Newsletter No Comments

Dear CentOS Community, This month's newsletter is running a little late, because I wanted to include the report from our annual FOSDEM CentOS Dojo, which was held last Thursday and Friday. CentOS Dojo at FOSDEM We had 216 registrations, with 164 (75.9%) of registrants actually showing up. The average attendee spent 475 minutes at the […]

December updates

Friday, 15, January 2021 Rich Bowen Community, Newsletter No Comments

I usually include the below report in the monthly newsletter, and overlooked it this month. So, without further ado, here are the CentOS 7 updates that were pushed out in December: Errata and Enhancements Advisories We issued the following CEEA (CentOS Errata and Enhancements Advisories) during December: Fri Dec 18 2020: CEEA-2020:5450 CentOS 7 microcode_ctl […]

CentOS Community Newsletter, January 2021 (#2101)

Tuesday, 12, January 2021 Rich Bowen Newsletter 26 Comments

Dear CentOS Community, As we enter the new year, I'm sure there's really only one thing on your mind, and so we'll start there. As you are no doubt aware, the CentOS project has shifted focus from CentOS Linux - the RHEL rebuild - to CentOS Stream - the continuously delivered distribution that reflects what […]

CentOS Community Newsletter, December 2020 (#2012)

Tuesday, 1, December 2020 Rich Bowen Community, Newsletter 1 Comment

Dear CentOS Enthusiast, With many of you celebrating one holiday or another this time of year, we want to extend to you the warmest wishes for your Thanksgiving, Diwali, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, and holiday season. We hope for each of you that 2021 brings new opportunities, and much happiness. We have a few […]

CentOS Community Newsletter, November 2020 (#2011)

Tuesday, 3, November 2020 Rich Bowen Newsletter No Comments

Dear CentOS Enthusiast, It's been another fairly quiet month in CentOS, but I have a few things to share with you. News CPE Last week I spoke with Aoife Moloney and Stefan Mattejiet of Red Hat's Community Platform Engineering (CPE) group. CPE do a bunch of infrastructure work for Fedora and CentOS, and we've been […]