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We would like to announce that OKD v3.11 rpms been officially released and are available at [1] OKD is the Origin community distribution of Kubernetes. In order to use the released repo [1] we have created and published the rpm (contains the yum configuration file) [2] which is in the main CentOS extra repository. […]

We are pleased to announce the (tentative) schedule of talks for the upcoming CentOS Dojo in Brussels, which will be held on the day before FOSDEM - February 1, 2019 - at the Grand Place Marriott. Details, and the schedule, are now available at (Schedule subject to change). Registration is free, but we need […]

Greetings from the mirror-management department! This notice is for those who employ some sort of an automation to download AltArch (ie. aarch64, armhfp, i386, power9, ppc64, ppc64le) CentOS 7 .iso/.raw.xz images from Those using a regular browser to download these images are not particularly affected, and you can continue to the next post on […]

It's been over a year since we published anything about the CentOS Community Container Pipeline. Many interesting things have happened during the past year, many things have changed and there's a complete shift in the architecture of the service that's was rolled out over the last weekend. Wait, I've never heard of this project If […]

We are pleased to announce new official Vagrant images of CentOS Linux 6.9 and CentOS Linux 7.5.1804 for x86_64 (based on the sources of RHEL 7.5). All included packages have been updated to September 30th, 2018. Notable Changes The images now use the ext4 filesystem, instead of XFS. We have been getting unbootable images due […]

The following CentOS Updates have been announced in the past week: CentOS Errata and Enhancement Advisory 2018:2675 - CentOS 6 microcode_ctl Enhancement Update CentOS Errata and Security Advisory 2018:2693  - Critical CentOS 6 firefox Security Update CentOS Errata and Enhancement Advisory 2018:2397 - CentOS 7 microcode_ctl Enhancement Update CentOS Errata and Security Advisory 2018:2692 - Critical CentOS 7 firefox […]

(A note from Brian Stinson, from the CI team.) Some of you may know that the CentOS Community Build System, and CentOS CI Infrastructures are hosted in Raleigh, North Carolina. I wanted to take this opportunity to let all of you know that outages are possible (but not expected) in the coming days as Hurricane […]

The CentOS Atomic SIG has released an updated version of CentOS Atomic Host (7.1807), an operating system designed to run Linux containers, built from standard CentOS 7 RPMs, and tracking the component versions included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host. CentOS Atomic Host includes these core component versions: atomic-1.22.1-22.git5a342e3.el7.x86_64 cloud-init-0.7.9-24.el7.centos.1.x86_64 docker-1.13.1-68.gitdded712.el7.centos.x86_64 etcd-3.2.22-1.el7.x86_64 flannel-0.7.1-4.el7.x86_64 kernel-3.10.0-862.11.6.el7.x86_64 […]

It's time for another community newsletter. As always, we have lots of information about upcoming events, recent releases, and what our SIGs (Special Interest Groups) are working on. You can read the newsletter at Past editions of the newsletter, as well as information about how you can contribute, is available at In the […]

We're just three weeks away from our upcoming Dojo at We've recently added a new keynote to kick the day off, and an awesome evening event. Further event details are available on the CentOS Events Wiki, but here's the highlights: The day starts at 9am with a keynote from Brendan Conoboy, who will be […]