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CentOS Community Newsletter, May 2022

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May 2022 Newsletter Project News Online Summer Dojo CentOS will be holding a free online Dojo on June 17. CentOS Dojos are mini conferences highlighting the work within the project and across the entire ecosystem. Registration is free but required. We invite everybody to join us. The call for presentations is open. We welcome presentations […]

CentOS Community Newsletter, April 2022

Thursday, 14, April 2022 shaunm Newsletter 1 Comment

April 2022 Newsletter Project News Transition to As CentOS Stream 9 stabilizes and we approach a release of RHEL 9, Red Hat is planning to transition to using exclusively for reporting issues and requesting features for RHEL and CentOS, deprecating the use of This will be a gradual process as we all […]

CentOS Community Newsletter, March 2022

Tuesday, 15, March 2022 shaunm Newsletter 1 Comment

March 2022 Newsletter Project News GitLab for CentOS SIGs Pierre-Yves Chibon posted a proposal to centos-devel about making GitLab available to CentOS SIGs. People involved with Special Interest Groups are encouraged to read the proposal and respond with questions or details of whether this proposal would help their SIG. Automovite Stream Distribution The Automotive SIG […]

CentOS Community Newsletter, February 2022

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February 2022 Newsletter Project News FOSDEM Dojo CentOS hosted its annual FOSDEM Dojo. This Dojo was once again virtual. If you missed the Dojo, or you just want to watch it again, all of the videos (and some of the slides) are available on the Dojo wiki page. Also, Aleksandra Fedorova gave a talk at […]