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Using buildah to build container images on CentOS

Monday, 18, February 2019 Dharmit Shah Uncategorized 1 Comment

In this post, we're going to talk about how to use buildah to build container images on CentOS. buildah is a command line tool that facilitates building OCI compliant images. There's a plethora of information available around what buildah is on its GitHub landing page so we won't dive more into what it is. However, […]

Revamp CentOS Community Container Pipeline to run on OpenShift

Monday, 8, October 2018 Dharmit Shah announcement, builds, Community No Comments

It's been over a year since we published anything about the CentOS Community Container Pipeline. Many interesting things have happened during the past year, many things have changed and there's a complete shift in the architecture of the service that's was rolled out over the last weekend. Wait, I've never heard of this project If […]

Status update for CentOS Container Pipeline

Tuesday, 26, September 2017 Dharmit Shah announcement, builds No Comments

The goal of CentOS Container Pipeline project is to let any open-source project build container images on the CentOS Linux and additionally provide them with: Dockerfile lint report Container scanner reports that: Scan the image for RPM updates Scan the image‚Äôs RUN label for capabilities that resulting container might have when started Scan the image […]

Weekly scanning of container images with CentOS Container Pipeline

Tuesday, 31, January 2017 Dharmit Shah announcement, builds No Comments

As a part of CentOS Container Pipeline project, we've been continually discussing, debating and working towards features that developers and sysadmins out there would like to have from a build pipeline. In the sense, besides just building the container images upon a push to some git repository, what else would add value for the devs […]

Introducing CentOS Container Image Scanners

Thursday, 10, November 2016 Dharmit Shah announcement, builds No Comments

Over past few months, we've been working on CentOS Community Container Pipeline which aims to help developers focus on what they love doing most - write awesome code - and sysadmins have an insight into the image by providing metadata about it! The project code is hosted at since its inception. The hosted service, […]