CentOS Newsletter, September 2023

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September 2023 Newsletter

SIG Reports

We publish a rotating selection of quarterly reports from our Special Interest Groups. This issue includes reports from the Kmods, Alternative Images, Artwork, Virtualization, and Hyperscale SIGs.

Kmods SIG

The Kmods SIG focuses on packaging and maintaining kernel modules for CentOS Stream and Enterprise Linux.

Alternative Images SIG

The purpose of the Alternative Images SIG is to build and provide alternate iso images for CentOS Stream.

Artwork SIG

The CentOS Artwork SIG exists to produce The CentOS Project Visual Identity.

Virtualization SIG

The Virtualization SIG aims to deliver a user consumable full stack for virtualization technologies that want to work with the SIG.

Automotive SIG collaboration

Hyperscale SIG

The Hyperscale SIG has posted their report on the CentOS blog.

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