Software Collections SIG quarterly report, October 2021

Tuesday, 5, October 2021 Rich Bowen SIG No Comments


The SCLo SIG aims to provide Software Collections packages from Red Hat and community for the CentOS ecosystem.

For details about what Software Collections are, visit <>.


No changes in membership since last report. We are always looking for new members.

Health and activity

The SIG tries to follow the upstream releases as closely as possible;
any new releases are usually available within 2 weeks of the upstream release.

With the Software Collections being phased out in favor of modules in CentOS 8
and beyond, it is expected that this SIG will also be gradually becoming
less and less relevant, so expect the activity to gradually vanish.

The SIG activity is currently driven by a single person (jstanek).
That means that even if the released packages are being rebuilt within
a reasonable timeframe, other activities are falling by the wayside.
For example, the <> website has outdated information
about specific collections, and several already released ones are not documented there at all.
Any volunteers from the community are very welcome here.

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