CentOS Community Newsletter, May 2021 (#2105)

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Hello, friends,

It's been another busy month in the CentOS Project, so we'll get straight to the news:

CentOS Stream News

Last week, Brian Stinson announced some updates on the progress towards CentOS Stream 9 on the centos-devel mailing list.

This included the availability of Stream 9 packages on Gitlab, and a koji instance where you can watch package build activity.

And on Thursday we announced that the CentOS Stream 9 compose infrastructure is available at https://composes.stream.centos.org/ if you want to try out very early builds of CentOS Stream 9.

If you're interested in contributing to CentOS Stream, you should start by registering for a Gitlab account.  We're in the process of updating the contributor guide, and that should be posted soon. Follow the centos-devel mailing list, and @CentOS on Twitter, to be the first to find out the next updates.

CentOS Dojo, May 13-14

The schedule for the upcoming CentOS Dojo is now posted. We'll be featuring two days of technical presentations around the CentOS project and community, including an "Ask me anything" session with the board of directors.

Other sessions include:

Thursday, May 13

Friday, May 14th

Complete schedule and abstracts are available on the event site. The event will be online, and you will need to register (Free!) on the event website to attend. See you there!

@CentOSProject is now @CentOS

For the past few years, there have been two separate Twitter accounts for CentOS project news - @CentOS and @CentOSProject - and this has led to some confusion. We're pleased to announce that we've consolidated at @CentOS. If you were already following @CentOSProject, you've been automatically moved over to the @CentOS account. The @CentOSProject account will remain as a placeholder just pointing over to the official account.

Meanwhile, if you were following @CentOS to hear from Karanbir Singh, our long-time project lead, that account has been converted to @KaranOrg, where you can follow KB's technical musings and other thoughts around his work and life.

Board nominations open

As you may have seen in the April board meeting minutes, two directors have decided not to run for the upcoming board term. Both of these directors - Karsten and Carl - have served on the board for 8 years, and we have appreciated their service and dedication to the project.

That leaves two seats to be filled in the upcoming term. As per our governance documents, the board selects replacement directors. But the community is asked for nominations for these seats. If you're thinking of someone you think would be a good board member, or if you'd like to nominate yourself, please have a look at the requirements and responsibilities of a director, to see if this is something you (or the proposed candidate) would be willing to commit to. Then, submit your nomination via this Google Form. Thanks!

We're excited at the prospect of bringing new members, with new enthusiasm, to the board, even as we say a fond farewell to long-serving directors, and we look forward to your nominations.

Code of Conduct

We have been working with the Fedora project to draft a new code of conduct, and this was announced a few weeks ago. We expect to implement our version of it shortly after Fedora publishes theirs. We intend to take their final version and make necessary edits (ie, replacing 'Fedora' with 'CentOS' and other related changes) and are therefore waiting until they are done with all proposed edits. We welcome your comments on the centos-devel mailing list over the coming weeks as we prepare to make this change.

Red Hat Summit

Last week we were at Red Hat Summit, Red Hat's annual convention. CentOS had a steady stream of visitors in the CentOS/Fedora booth - thank you to all of you who came and talked with us.

There were a couple of sessions specifically about CentOS Stream - two "Ask the expert" sessions where attendees could ask their burning questions around CentOS Stream. These were very similar sessions, presented twice to make them convenient for people in different time zones. These were recorded, and you can watch them now, with free registration on the Summit platform.

CentOS Stream: Building an innovative future for enterprise Linux

If you have further questions about CentOS Stream, we encourage you to bring them to the centos-devel mailing list, or any of our various social media presences.

SIG reports

CentOS Special Interest Groups are smaller efforts around particular topics or technologies, to produce content on top of the base CentOS operating system. This month we have reports from a few of our SIGs.

Messaging SIG


Provide a unique source for messaging related packages. These packages are consumed e.g by the Cloud SIG or the OpsTools SIG.

Membership Update

We had talks with the RabbitMQ maintainers to get RabbitMQ packages included and updated.


Other than that, the nature of this SIG is to provide ... for other SIGs. The churn is not as big as in other SIGs.

Storage SIG

Repository Status and Updates

GlusterFS 9 was released; the glusterfs-9.1 bug fix update is available.

Ceph Pacific/16 was released; the ceph-16.2.1 bug fix update is available (c8 and c8s).

Bug fix updates to NFS-Ganesha (including libntirpc), Ceph Octopus/15, Ceph Nautilus/14 (c7 and c8), and Gluster 8 are available.

Ceph Pacific, GlusterFS 8 and GlusterFS 9, and NFS-Ganesha 3 (including libntirpc) packages are now built for CentOS 8 Stream. The associated release packages for those will land in CentOS 8 Stream soon.

Group Status and Actions from meeting

The storage sig meeting is moved to #centos-meeting2

Ceph Pacific is now available and can be consumed by other projects:

The OpenStack TripleO CI now consumes cephadm Pacific for both released and pending content -

Links and other general informations

Meetings agenda https://hackmd.io/Epc35JIESaeotoGzwu5R5w


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