CentOS Dojo @ FOSDEM, 2021

Monday , 8, February 2021 Leave a comment

Last week we held our traditional annual CentOS Dojo at FOSDEM. We had 216 people registered, of whom 164 (75.9%) actually showed up to attend some part of it. A big thank you to those that turned up and made it a successful event.

In case you missed it, or some part of it, all of the content is now on YouTube.

On Thursday we had four presentations:

  • The Board of Directors had an "ask me anything" session, where questions were fielded from attendees. [Video]
  • Brian Exelbierd and Brian Stinson talked about CentOS Stream. [Video, Slides]
  • Tomas Tomecek talked about the contribution workflow of CentOS Stream, and how that is the process to land changes in RHEL. [Video, Slides]
  • David Duncan talked about building elastic configurations with EC2-Hibernate [Video, Slides]

And on Friday, we had four more:

  • Javier Peña and Alfredo Moralejo Alonso talked about how OpenStack became boring (and successful) [Video, Slides]
  • Davide Cavalca gave an introduction to the new Hyperscale SIG [Video, Slides]
  • Matthew Almond talked about speeding up DNF/RPM using copy on write [Video, Slides]
  • David Duncan talked about building an image pipeline with CentOS Stream and Image Builder [Video]

It was great to get together with the community, even though it was online. We had some great impromptu discussions in the "hallway track", and it was good to see some faces.

We want to do these at least quarterly for the remainder of this year - watch Twitter and the mailing lists for announcements of dates for the next event! We would also like to hear from you what content you would like to see at upcoming events, especially if you'd like to give a presentation about what you're working on.

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